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Certified List of Elected Candidates Ongoing 1-11-106
Colorado Youth Advisory Council Annual Report Ongoing 2-2-1305 04/30/2017
Executive Summary on Performance Audits of Tobacco Settlement Programs Ongoing 2-3-113 (5) 12/15/2017
School Capital Construction Report Ongoing 2-3-115 (2) 02/01/2018
Annual report : Colorado Commission on Uniform State Laws Ongoing 2-3-604 01/01/2018
Statutory Revision Committee Annual Report Ongoing 2-3-902 (1)(e) 11/15/2017
Legislative Emergency Epidemic Response Committee Report Ongoing 2-3-1503 (1)(a) 12/30/2016
Joint Technology Committee Report Ongoing 2-3-1704 (11)(a) 01/15/2017
Report of Recommendations and Findings on Information Technology Ongoing 2-3-1704 (9) 01/11/2017
Departmental Regulatory Agendas for 2017 Ongoing 2-7-203 (4) 11/01/2017
Departmental Annual Performance Reports for 2017 Ongoing 2-7-205
Annual Report: Operation of the Filing Office Ongoing 4-9-527 06/30/2017
[Unofficial] Low Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures Report Ongoing 6-7.5-103 (1) 03/01/2017
Colorado Division of Insurance Report of Financial Examination of Colorado Compensation Insurance Authority dba Pinnacol Assurance Ongoing 8-45-121 (2)
Report of Financial Examination of Pinnacol Assurance Fund Ongoing 8-45-121 (4) 08/30/2019
Pinnacol Assurance Annual Report Ongoing 8-45-122 (1) 11/30/2017
Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund Summary Report Ongoing 8-72-101 (3)(b) 08/31/2017
Annual Report on Unemployment Benefits Pertaining to Military Transfers Ongoing 8-73-108 (4)(s)(III) 01/31/2018
House Bill 09-1054 Annual Compliance Report on Unemployment Benefits Ongoing 8-73-108 (4)(t)(IV) 01/31/2018
[Unofficial] Skilled Worker Training Program Ongoing 8-83-306 (2) 05/01/2017
[Unofficial] Initial Report on Hiring Disabled Individuals - Employment First Ongoing 8-84-303 (7) 11/01/2017
Annual Report of the Commissioner of Insurance -- Title Insurance Enforcement Actions, Market Trends, and Consumer Complaints Ongoing 10-3-207 (1)(f)(IV) 01/15/2018
Annual Report of the Commissioner of Insurance on Health Insurance Costs Ongoing 10-16-111 (4)(c)(d) 01/14/2018
Annual Report on Complaints Against Insurers Ongoing 10-16-128 10/01/2017
Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Annual Report Ongoing 10-22-106 (1)(e) 01/15/2018
Annual report of the State Bank Commissioner of the State of Colorado Ongoing 11-102-304 05/26/2017
Colorado's Electronic Prescription Drug Monitoring Program ("PDMP") Ongoing 12-42.5-405 (2) 01/30/2017
Report on Fines Levied, Suspensions Imposed, and Revocations of Marijuana Industry Licenses - Calendar Year ..... Ongoing 12-43.3-601 (7) 01/15/2018
Annual Retail Marijuana Report Ongoing 12-43.4-104 (6) 04/01/2017
[Unofficial] Liquor Industry Working Group Report Ongoing 12-46-109 (3)

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