Report on Fines Levied, Suspensions Imposed, and Revocations of Marijuana Industry Licenses - Calendar Year .....
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12-43.3-601 (7)Jan 15, 2018AnnualOngoing
HB 10-1284
12-43.3-601. Suspension - revocation - fines.

(7) Each local licensing authority shall report all actions taken to impose fines, suspensions, and revocations to the state licensing authority in a manner required by the state licensing authority. No later than January 15 of each year, the state licensing authority shall compile a report of the preceding year's actions in which fines, suspensions, or revocations were imposed by local licensing authorities and by the state licensing authority. The state licensing authority shall file one copy of the report with the chief clerk of the house of representatives, one copy with the secretary of the senate, and six copies in the joint legislative library.

12-43.3-601 (7)       12-43.3-103(2)(b); 12-43.4-601(7)
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