Concealed Handgun Permits Issued by Colorado Sheriffs
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18-12-206 (4)Mar 1, 2023AnnualOngoing
SB 03-024
18-12-206. Sheriff - issuance or denial of permits - report.
(4) Each sheriff shall annually prepare a report specifying, at a minimum, the number of permit applications received during the year for which the report was prepared, the number of permits issued during the year, the number of permits denied during the year, the reasons for denial, the number of revocations during the year, and the reasons for the revocations. The report shall not include the name of a person who applies for a permit, regardless of whether the person receives or is denied a permit. Each sheriff shall submit the report on or before March 1, 2004, and on or before March 1 each year thereafter, to the members of the general assembly. In addition, each sheriff shall provide a copy of the annual report prepared pursuant to this subsection (4) to a member of the public upon request.

18-12-206 (4)       
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