Pinnacol Assurance Annual Report
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8-45-122 (1)Dec 31, 2020AnnualOngoing
SB 10-013
8-45-122. Annual report. (1) The chief executive officer of Pinnacol Assurance shall submit an annual report to the governor; the business affairs and labor committee of the house of representatives; the business, labor, and technology committee of the senate; and the health and human services committees of the house of representatives and the senate, or their successor committees, reporting on the business operations, resources, and liabilities of the Pinnacol Assurance fund.

(2) The report required in subsection (1) of this section shall include the following information for the previous calendar year:
(a) The number of policies held by Pinnacol Assurance;
(b) The total assets of Pinnacol Assurance;
(c) The amount of reserves;
(d) The amount of surplus;
(e) The number of claims filed;
(f) The number of claims admitted or contested within the twenty-day period pursuant to section 8-43-203, specifying the number of contested claims that are medical only and those that are indemnity claims;
(g) The number of medical procedures denied;
(h) The amount of total compensation each executive officer or staff member receives, including bonuses or deferred compensation;
(i) The amount spent on commissions;
(j) The amount paid to trade associations for marketing fees;
(k) All information relating to bonus programs; and
(l) Any other information the chief executive officer deems relevant to the report.

8-45-122 (1)       
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