Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Program Summary
Statutory Cite:Next Due Date:Frequency:Report Status:Repeal Date:
33-10.5-103 (5)Jan 15, 2024AnnualOngoing
HB 17-1257
SB 08-226
33-10.5-103. Powers and duties of the division - annual report - repeal. (1) (a) In order to prevent, control, contain, monitor, and, whenever possible, eradicate aquatic nuisance species from the waters of the state, the division is authorized to establish, operate, and maintain aquatic nuisance species check stations in order to inspect conveyances pursuant to section 33-10.5-104.
(b) (I) The division shall investigate the methods that other states are using with respect to the location and operation of check stations and report pursuant to subsection (5) of this section on its investigation and the implementation of sections 33-10.5-104 (1)(b)(II) and 33-10.5-105 (1)(e).
(II) This subsection (1)(b) is repealed, effective September 1, 2025.

(5) Notwithstanding section 24-1-136 (11)(a)(I), beginning on January 15, 2009, and on or before January 15 of each year thereafter, the division and the water conservation board created in section 37-60-102, shall make an annual report of the efforts in addressing aquatic nuisance species in Colorado for the preceding calendar year to the joint house agriculture, livestock, and natural resources committee and the senate agriculture, natural resources, and energy committee, or its successor committee. Each such report shall set forth a complete operating and financial statement covering the aquatic nuisance species operations of the division during the year.

33-10.5-103 (5)       
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