Bi-Annual Report on Colorado Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Statutory Cite:Next Due Date:Frequency:Report Status:Repeal Date:
5-16-117 (5)Dec 1, 2019OtherOngoingJul 1, 2020
SB 17-216
5-16-117. Powers and duties of the administrator - repeal.

(5) The administrator shall prepare a report accounting for the efficient discharge of all responsibilities assigned by law and the general administration of the program on a biannual basis. In addition to any other information deemed relevant by the administrator, the biannual report shall address with specificity the following: Enforcement actions completed and whether those actions were appealed or otherwise challenged, the number of complaints processed and details as to outcomes and resolutions of complaints, and changes to the program and how they relate to industry or consumer concerns. The report shall include a description of any significant legal filings such as amicus briefs in any court and a summary of new regulations, legal developments that directly impact the program or program changes, and any significant matters that need to be addressed at the request of the regulated community or public. The report shall be submitted to the senate judiciary committee and the house judiciary committee and published on the attorney general's website by July 1 and December 31 of each year.

5-16-117 (5)       12-14-117 (6) - repealed and relocated to 5-16-117
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