Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Task Force Report
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12-42.5-408.5 (2)Jul 1, 2020AnnualOngoingJul 1, 2021
HB 14-1283
12-42.5-408.5. Examination and analysis of prescription drug monitoring program - recommendations to executive director.
(1)  The executive director of the department of regulatory agencies shall create a prescription drug monitoring program task force or consult with and request assistance from the Colorado team assembled by the governor's office to develop a strategic plan to reduce prescription drug misuse, or its successor group, 

(2) If the executive director convenes a task force or obtains assistance from the Colorado team, the applicable group shall submit annual reports to the executive director and the General Assembly detailing its findings and recommendations. Notwithstanding section 24-1-136 (11), C.R.S., the requirement in this section to report to the General Assembly continues indefinitely.

12-42.5-409. Repeal of part.

This part 4 is repealed, effective July 1, 2021. Prior to its repeal, the department of regulatory agencies shall review the functions of the board and the program under this part 4 as provided in section 24-34-104, C.R.S.

12-42.5-408.5 (2)       
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