Colorado Preschool Program Legislative Report
Statutory Cite:Next Due Date:Frequency:Report Status:Repeal Date:
22-28-112 Jan 15, 2023AnnualOngoing
HB 17-1267
SB 09-292, HB 06-1375, HB96-1167, SB92-189, HB88-1341
22-28-112. Reports to legislative committees. Notwithstanding the requirements in section 24-1-136 (ii)(a)(I), by January 15, 2007, and by January 15 of each year thereafter, the department shall report to the education committees of the senate and house of representatives, or any successor committees, on the effectiveness of the Colorado preschool program. The department is authorized to request from any participating school district such information and data as may be necessary to make such reports.

Pursuant to Section 24-1-136 (9), C.R.S., Colorado state departments and agencies submit all statutorily required reports to Colorado Legislative Council staff. The Colorado Legislative Council staff delivers these reports to the appropriate legislative recipients and makes them available on this site. The Colorado Legislative Council is the non partisan research staff for the Colorado General Assembly.  If you have any questions, please contact the Colorado Legislative Council:; 303-866-3521.