Studen Loan Ombudsperson Annual Report
Statutory Cite:Next Due Date:Frequency:Report Status:Repeal Date:
5-20-104 (2) (b)Jan 1, 2021AnnualOngoingSep 1, 2023
SB 19-002
5-20-104. Student loan ombudsperson - report - fund - rules - repeal.
(1) The administrator shall designate; support; and maintain a student loan ombudsperson to provide timely assistance to student loan borrowers.

(2) (a) Annual report. The administrator shall submit a report by January 1 of each year to the committees of reference of the general assembly having jurisdiction over education; insurance; and financial services matters. The report must include:
(I) Implementation. A description of actions taken with respect to the implementation of this section;
(II) Effectiveness. An assessment of the overall effectiveness of the student loan and ombudsperson;
(III) Additional steps. Recommendations regarding additional steps for the administrator to gain regulatory control over licensing and enforcement with respect to student loan servicers.

5-20-104 (2) (b)       
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