[Unofficial] Initial Report on Hiring Disabled Individuals - Employment First
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8-84-303 (7)Nov 1, 2017One TimeNone
SB 16-077
8-84-303. Employment first advisory partnership -
memorandum of understanding - reporting - repeal.

(7)(a) The agency partners shall present the initial report of the strategic plan and recommendations developed pursuant to section 8-84-304 to the legislative committees of reference for the agency partners as part of each agency's annual presentation made pursuant to section 2-7-103, C.R.S., during the interim between November 1, 2017, and the start of the 2018 regular legislative session. Thereafter, each agency partner shall inform the legislative committee of reference of revisions to the strategic plan and the implementation of employment first policies as part of the agency's annual presentation made pursuant to section 2-7-103, C.R.S.

(b) After the presentation of the intitial report of the strategic plan, the Employment First Advisory Partnership shall continue to meet, as necessary, to work on the duties set forth in section 8-84-304; to consider revisions to the plan; and to provide advice and expertise relating to the subsequent implementation of the plan.

8-84-303 (7)       23-1-109.8(2)
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