Certified List of Elected Candidates
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1-11-106 Jan 4, 2019OtherOngoing
1-11-106. Delivery of certified list of results. Upon the organization of the house of representatives, the secretary of state shall deliver to the speaker of the house a certified list of candidates elected to each state office and of each member elected to the general assembly showing the member's district. If the secretary of state is unable to certify the candidate elected to state office or the member elected to the general assembly from a particular district, the secretary of state shall also deliver a list of the state offices or districts for which no certification may be made. The speaker, upon receipt of the certified list and, if delivered, the list of offices and districts for which no certification may be made and before proceeding to other business, shall open and announce the results in the presence of a majority of the members of both houses of the general assembly, who shall assemble for that purpose in the chamber of the house of representatives. The person having the highest number of votes for any of the offices shall be declared duly elected by the presiding officer of the joint assembly. The two houses on joint ballot shall then resolve any tie votes which are on the certified list of results.

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