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Legislator:William Grover SmithChamber:House; Senate
Territorial House:Territorial Council:
Counties Represented Territorial House: Counties Represented Territorial Council:
Counties Represented Territorial House - Notes:Counties Represented Territorial Council - Notes:
Constitutional Convention Delegate:
Counties Represented Constitutional Convention Delegate:
Counties Represented Constitutional Convention Delegate - Notes:
Years Served House:1899; 1900House District # :no district numbers until 1964
Number of Years House:
General Assembly # House:12th
Counties Represented House:
Counties Represented House - Notes:
Years Served Senate:1889; 1890Senate District # :LtG (1889 - 1890)
General Assembly # Senate:07th
Counties Represented Senate:Jefferson
Counties Represented Senate - Note:
Number of Years Senate:2
Party:Teller Silver Republic
Leadership:President of the Senate: 1889 - 1890
Speaker of the House: 1899 - 1900
City of Residence:Golden
Occupation:Teacher; Newspaperman; Attorney
Place of Birth:Newton NJ
Death Date:11/03/1921Place of Death:Golden CO
Other Governmental Positions Held:City Clerk of Golden: 1880
Superintendent Jefferson County Schools: 1884 - 88
Board of Control of the State Industrial School: 1885 - 87
Lieutenant Governor: 1889 - 90
Tax Agent - Denver Tramway: 1900 -18
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Committee Positions:
House Standing:1899 -- Corporations & Railroads (Chair)
1900 -- Corporations & Railroads (Chair)
Senate Standing:
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Prime Sponsor:

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