Ballot History
Year: 1992

Ballot Number: 07

Short Title: Vouchers for Education

Ballot Title: Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Constitution requiring that all state moneys appropriated for the general support of kindergarten, elementary, and secondary education be apportioned among Colorado students in the form of vouchers; authorizing the General Assembly to similarly apportion local taxes raised for educational purposes and funds appropriated for existing categorical services; providing that the object of such apportionments is to afford choice of educational resources available in Colorado, including government (public), non-government, and home schools; and providing that, with respect to any share of school cost charged to the local property base, a student for whom a voucher is used for educational services shall be counted for attendance purposes only to the extent that said services are provided by the school district of the child's residence?

Election Results:

Votes For: 503,162 (33.2%)
Votes Against: 1,011,901 (66.8%)

Type of Change: Constitutional

Initiative/Referendum: Initiative

Bill/Resolution #:
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Categories: Education