Ballot History
Year: 2006

Ballot Number: Amendment 38

Short Title: Petitions

Ballot Title: An amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning initiative and referendum petitions, and, in connection therewith, changing petition rights and procedures; allowing petitions to be submitted at all levels of Colorado government; limiting initiative ballot titles to 75 words; changing single subject requirements and procedures; limiting the annual number of new laws that governments may exclude from possible referendum petitions; establishing standards for review of filed petitions; specifying that petitions may be voted on at any November election; limiting the use of government resources to discuss a petition; requiring voter approval for future petition laws and rules and for changes to certain voter approved petitions; and authorizing measures to enforce the amendment.

Election Results:

Votes For: 456,468 (30.8%)
Votes Against: 1,027,550 (69.2%)

Type of Change: Constitutional

Initiative/Referendum: Initiative

Bill/Resolution #:
Election Results - SOS:

Categories: Elections