Ballot History
Year: 2000

Ballot Number: 25

Short Title: Requirements for Consent to Abortion

Ballot Title: Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning the requirement that any woman who is considering an abortion give voluntary, informed consent prior to the abortion, and, in connection therewith, defining several pertinent terms so that "abortion" includes termination of a known pregnancy at any time after conception, specifying the information a physician must provide to insure that a woman's consent to an abortion is voluntary and informed, requiring a physician, except in emergency cases, to provide the specified information to the woman at least twenty-four hours prior to performing an abortion, requiring the department of public health and environment to provide specified informational materials for women who are considering abortions, establishing procedures for emergency situations, requiring physicians to annually report specified information, requiring the department of public health and environment to annually publish a compilation of the physicians' reports, and providing for the administration and enforcement of the amendment's provisions?

Election Results:

Votes For: 664,420 (39.4%)
Votes Against: 1,020,029 (60.6%)

Type of Change: Statutory

Initiative/Referendum: Initiative

Bill/Resolution #:
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Categories: Abortion