Ballot History
Year: 2001

Ballot Number: A

Short Title: GOCO Bonds for Open Space

Ballot Title: Shall the state board of the great outdoors Colorado trust fund debt be increased $115,000,000, with a maximum repayment cost of $180,000,000, with no increase in any taxes, for the purpose of enhancing the great outdoors Colorado trust fund's ability to address urgent and permanent land acquisition priorities, including the acquisition of perpetual conservation easements, in order to protect the state's wildlife, park, river, trail, and open space heritage through the issuance of bonds, and shall earnings on the proceeds of such bonds constitute a voter-approved revenue change?

Election Results:

Votes For: 478,501 (57.6%)
Votes Against: 352,585 (42.4%)

Type of Change: Question

Initiative/Referendum: Referendum

Bill/Resolution #:
Election Results - SOS:

Categories: Natural Resources