Ballot History
Year: 2000

Ballot Number: 22

Short Title: Background Checks at Gun Shows

Ballot Title: Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning a requirement that background checks be conducted on prospective firearms transferees if any part of the transaction occurs at a gun show, and in connection therewith, directing that a gun show vendor require a background check on a prospective transferee and obtain approval of the transfer from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation; defining a "gun show vendor" as any person who exhibits, offers for sale, or transfers a firearm at a gun show; requiring gun show promoters to arrange for the services of federally licensed gun dealers to obtain background checks at gun shows; prohibiting the transfer of a firearm if a background check has not been obtained by a federally licensed gun dealer; requiring record keeping and retention by federally licensed gun dealers who obtain background checks; permitting federally licensed gun dealers to charge a fee of up to ten dollars for conducting each background check at gun shows; requiring gun show promoters to prominently post notice of the background check requirement; establishing criminal penalties for violations of these requirements; exempting transfers of certain antique firearms, relics, and curios from the background check requirement; and requiring the appropriation of funds necessary to implement the measure?

Election Results:

Votes For: 1,197,593 (70.0%)
Votes Against: 512,084 (30.0%)

Type of Change: Statutory

Initiative/Referendum: Initiative

Bill/Resolution #:
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