Ballot History
Year: 1998

Ballot Number: 11

Short Title: Partial Birth Abortion

Ballot Title: An amendment to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning a prohibition against partial-birth abortions, and, in connection therewith, specifying that no one shall knowingly or intentionally perform a partial-birth abortion; allowing a medical procedure to prevent the death of the pregnant woman, if every reasonable effort is made to preserve the lives of the woman and the infant; defining partial-birth abortion as an abortion during which the person performing the abortion deliberately and intentionally causes to be delivered into the vagina a living human fetus or any substantive portion thereof for the purpose of performing any procedure the person knows will kill the fetus and kills the fetus before completing delivery; specifying that "fetus" and "infant" mean the biological offspring of human parents and may be used interchangeably throughout the measure; establishing specified civil remedies for certain persons; establishing criminal penalties for violations after February 14, 1999; and stating that the amendment cannot be amended except by a vote of the people.

Election Results:

Votes For: 617,977 (48.5%)
Votes Against: 655,723 (51.5%)

Type of Change: Statutory

Initiative/Referendum: Initiative

Bill/Resolution #:
Election Results - SOS:

Categories: Abortion