(a) Ten members may require a call of the House and cause absent members to be sent for, but a call of the House shall not be moved after voting shall have commenced.

(b) Whenever a call of the House is properly sustained, the Speaker shall order the doors of the House chamber to be closed, and no member shall be permitted to leave the House chamber until the call shall be lifted.

(c) The Speaker shall direct the chief clerk to call the roll and note the names of those absent; the names of the absentees shall again be called, and those members who shall not have been excused, or whose excuse is insufficient, shall be sent for and taken into custody by the sergeant-at-arms, or the sergeant-at-arms' assistants, and brought before the chair, where they shall be reprimanded by the Speaker for neglect of duty, and fined, respectively, at least the amount of the expenses incurred in their apprehension and return.

(d) Notwithstanding a call of the House, a motion to adjourn or to take a recess may be made at any time pursuant to Rule 8.