Bill #Bill Topic
HB16-1001State Contr Certify Compliance With Equal Pay Laws
HB16-1003Middle Class College Savings Act
HB16-1004Measurable Goals Deadlines CO Climate Action Plan
HB16-1005Residential Precipitation Collection
HB16-1006Clarify Tax Exemptions For Housing Authorities
HB16-1007Offenses Against Unborn Children
HB16-1008Roadway Shoulder Access For Buses
HB16-1009Fallen Heroes License Plates Local Authorities
HB16-1010Destructive Rodent Pest Release Auth Reqmnts
HB16-1011Metro Dist Authority Promote Business Development
HB16-1012Clerk File Copy Of Mun Election Results With DOLA
HB16-1013Sch Dist Crime Insurance In Lieu Of Bonds
HB16-1014SOS Business Intelligence Center
HB16-1015Contingent Repeal Hlth Ins Laws Aligning With ACA
HB16-1016Using Multiple Measures Of Student Academic Growth
HB16-1017Victim Impact Panel Appearances For DUI
HB16-1018Transportation Advisory Committee Procedures
HB16-1019Broadcast Burns Watershed Protection
HB16-1020No Drones Near Airports Or Jails
HB16-1021Race Info ID Application
HB16-1022Full-day Kindergarten Funding
HB16-1023Deadly Force Against An Intruder At A Business
HB16-1024Repeal Ammo Magazine Prohibition
HB16-1025Renewal Property Casualty Insurance
HB16-1026Repeal DOR Revenue Impact Accounting Reqmnts
HB16-1027Criminal Deposition For At-risk Persons
HB16-1028FPPA Statewide Death & Disab Plan Modifications
HB16-1029Kei Vehicle Roadway Registration For Use
HB16-1030Off-highway Vehicles Regulation & Local Government
HB16-1031Modify Transportation Commission Membership