Bill #Bill Topic
HB15-1001Early Childhood Educator Development Scholarships
HB15-1002Modifications To Economic Gardening Pilot Project
HB15-1003Fund Safe Routes To School Program
HB15-1004Firefighter Motorcycle License Plate
HB15-1005Veterans Free Admission State Parks
HB15-1006Invasive Phreatophyte Grant Program
HB15-1007Local Government Retail Marijuana Taxes
HB15-1008Ag Land Destroyed By Natural Causes
HB15-1009Repeal Large Ammo Magazine Ban
HB15-1010Trustee Notice System Presume Notify Beneficiary
HB15-1011Restrict Revealing How Person Votes
HB15-1012Sales & Use Tax Exemption For Dyed Diesel
HB15-1013South Platte Aquifer Study Recommendations
HB15-1014Biennial Registration Seasonal Farm Motor Vehicles
HB15-1015Interstate Compact EMS Providers
HB15-1016Promote Precipitation Harvesting Pilot Projects
HB15-1017Volunteer Fire Department Organization
HB15-1018Protecting Seniors From Elder Abuse
HB15-1019Victims Of Human Trafficking And Prostitution
HB15-1020Funding For Full-day Kindergarten
HB15-1021Conform Statutory Court Dates To 7-day Intervals
HB15-1022Juvenile Petty Offense Contracts
HB15-1023Day Treatment Center Age Of Children Served
HB15-1024Increasing Number Of CO Preschool Program Students
HB15-1025Competency To Proceed Juvenile Justice System
HB15-1026Reserved Parking Disabled Military License Plates
HB15-1027In-state Tuition American Indian Tribes Ties to CO
HB15-1028Repeal Merchant Licensing
HB15-1029Health Care Delivery Via Telemedicine Statewide
HB15-1030Employment Services For Veterans Pilot Program