Legislative Information Services
is pleased to offer
Free Wireless Internet Access
in the Capitol and Legislative Services Building

As of April 5, 2010, everyone with appropriately configured wireless devices will have access to free wireless internet while in the Colorado State Capitol. Please read the following document before using the service. Also, please note the Troubleshooting and Additional FAQ's link below, as well as the link to the acceptable use policy.

- How can I use the wireless internet at the Colorado State Capitol?
Most users can simply bring their wireless-enabled laptop computer or other wireless device to the capitol and turn it on. The device will automatically recognize the wireless network, although you may need to select the network and click "Connect". If your laptop does not have wireless built-in, you can install a WiFi-compatible network card.

- Will I need any special settings or passwords?
There are no passwords required. In many instances, your computer or PDA will automatically detect and connect to the Colorado General Assembly’s wireless network. If your device does not connect right away, make sure that your wireless utility is configured as follows:
• SSID or Network Name: COGAwifi
• WEP and all other encryption settings: disabled
• IP or Network Settings: DHCP enabled or obtain an IP address automatically
• DNS: obtain DNS address automatically
• Save your settings and restart computer if necessary.
*NOTE - If your wireless device leaves the range of the wireless network, when you come back in range you may be required to agree to the Terms of Use again before you can continue to use the wireless network.

- Can I request technical assistance with connecting my device to the wireless network?
Unfortunately, no. Neither the Legislative Information Services staff nor any other General Assembly staff will be able to offer technical assistance with your personally owned equipment.

For basic troubleshooting information for Windows XP, please click here.

For a copy of the Acceptable Use Policy, please click here.