Bill #Short Title
HB13-1001Advanced Industries Acceleration Act
HB13-1002Small Business Development Centers Appropriations
HB13-1003Economic Gardening Pilot Project Office Econ Dev
HB13-1004Colorado Careers Act Of 2013
HB13-1005Basic Ed & Career & Tech Ed Pilot Program
HB13-1006K-12 Breakfast After The Bell Nutrition Program
HB13-1007Early Childhood & School Readiness Leg Commission
HB13-1008Preference In Hiring For Disabled Veteran's Spouse
HB13-1009Refund Deadline For Overpaid Sales & Use Tax
HB13-1010Procurement Of Stationery Supplies By Counties
HB13-1011Repeal Fee Veteran's Identifier Driver's License
HB13-1012Extend Wildfire Mitigation Financial Incentives
HB13-1013Protect Water Right Ownership Rights
HB13-1014Relocating Newspaper Theft
HB13-1015Disclose Mental Health Claims All-payer Database
HB13-1016Payment POD Accounts To Beneficiaries
HB13-1017Notice Of Home Loan Mod & Servicer Honor Terms
HB13-1018Beneficial Use Produced Water Dust Suppression
HB13-1019Regulatory Reform Act
HB13-1020Testing Evidence Of Sexual Assault
HB13-1021Improving School Attendance
HB13-1022Proof Of Motor Vehicle Insurance
HB13-1023Academic Acceleration School District Policy
HB13-1024Income Tax Mod For Mil Family Relief Fund Grants
HB13-1025Deductible Workers' Compensation Insurance
HB13-1026WICHE Equipment & Renovation Fee Approp Reqmnt
HB13-1027PUC Director Report To GA On Rate Cases
HB13-1028Vehicle Special License Plate Limit
HB13-1029Define "Must" "Shall" In Colorado Revised Statutes
HB13-1030Transportation Commission Members