Date: 03/22/2013

Public Testimony


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04:38 PM -- Public Testimony

Representative Pabon stated that witnesses would be limited to two minutes each.

The following individuals testified:

04:39 PM --
Ms. Henny Lasley, representing Smart Colorado, explained her concerns with Amendment 64. She spoke about the number of cookies that could be made out of one ounce of marijuana. She spoke about hospital admissions due to the accidental ingestion of marijuana. Ms. Lasley responded to questions from Senator Baumgardner and Senator Marble. Ms. Rachel O'Bryan, also representing Smart Colorado, came to the table to respond to questions from Senator Marble.

04:45 PM --
Mr. Doug Robinson, representing Smart Colorado, discussed the idea of a 100 percent vertical integration model. He urged the committee to reconsider this model.

04:48 PM --
Ms. Gina Carbone, representing Smart Colorado, displayed a poster of marijuana edibles. She expressed the view that there must be reasonable restrictions on marijuana edibles. She said that edibles may appeal to children. Ms. Carbone spoke about packaging for edibles.

04:51 PM --
Ms. Celeste Archer, representing Smart Colorado, spoke about second-hand smoke created by marijuana. She discussed the phenomenon of a "contact high." Ms. Archer responded to questions from Representative Singer concerning alterations to the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

04:56 PM --
Mr. David Broadwell, representing the city of Denver and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, expressed support for the overall regulatory structure proposed by the task force. He thanked the committee for its work. He noted that almost half of medical marijuana business licenses are in Denver. He spoke about the licensing requirements of Amendment 64. Mr. Broadwell responded to questions from Representative May. He distributed a letter from Mayor Hancock to the committee (Attachment G).

130322 AttachG.pdf130322 AttachG.pdf

05:00 PM --
Ms. Ashley Kasprzak, representing Team Fort Collins, expressed support for the educational efforts recommended by the task force.

05:02 PM --
Mr. Ed Wood, representing victims of driving while under the influence of drugs offenses, spoke about issues that the task force left for further consideration, which are listed on pages 108 through 110 of the task force's report.

05:05 PM --
Mr. Bill Althouse, representing the Campaign to Regulate Alcohol Like Marijuana, spoke about possible lawsuits related to the implementation of Amendment 64. Mr. Althouse's handout was previously distributed to the committee (Attachment A).

05:08 PM --
Ms. Rachel O'Bryan, representing Smart Colorado, spoke about labeling requirements and a ban on Internet sales.

05:10 PM --
Ms. Elan Nelson, representing the Health Center, spoke about the taxation of marijuana. She commented on the recreational marijuana market.

05:12 PM --
Ms. Reagan Yeomans, representing the Health Center, spoke about her retail grow operation company. She said that she does not support unrealistic rates of taxation.

05:14 PM --
Mr. Bob Doyle, representing himself, asked the committee to take the most restrictive approach to the implementation of Amendment 64 as possible.

05:16 PM --
Ms. Cindy Sawyer, representing herself, commented on adult-use marijuana and her opposition to the implementation of Amendment 64.

05:19 PM --
Mr. Tom Valdez, representing Amendment 64 News and, commented on Amendment 64.

05:22 PM --
Mr. Andrew Poarch, representing the Lazy Lion, spoke about his business and adult-use marijuana.

05:24 PM --
Mr. Bruce Granger, representing Kind Love, spoke about the excise tax on alcohol beverages.

05:28 PM --
Ms. Kelley Digby, representing herself and her children, asked the committee to not expose children to marijuana advertising. Ms. Digby commented on the solicitation of marijuana customers via text messaging. Her son, Mr. Trey Digby, shared additional remarks. Her daughter, Ms. Reagan Digby, was also present. Representative Singer responded to Ms. Digby's comments.

05:32 PM --
Ms. Meg Sanders and Mr. Norton Arbelaez, representing themselves as members of the Regulatory Framework Working Group, commented on their medical marijuana businesses. Ms. Sanders expressed their support for Recommendation 1.1. Mr. Arbelaez shared additional remarks concerning the work of the task force.

05:37 PM -- Mr. Darrell Beitel, representing himself, commented on his personal use of medical marijuana and cannabis. He commented on the 70/30 vertical integration model and edible products. He distributed a handout to the committee (Attachment H).

130322 AttachH.pdf130322 AttachH.pdf

05:41 PM --
Mr. Thomas Bowler, representing Rocky Road Remedies, discussed his business. He spoke about taxes and licensing fees in the medical marijuana industry.

05:44 PM --
Ms. Diane Carlson, representing Smart Colorado, commented on the marijuana industry and the addictive qualities of marijuana.

05:46 PM --
Mr. Mike Elliott, representing the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, commented on the medical marijuana regulatory model. Mr. Elliott previously distributed a handout to the committee (Attachment B).

05:49 PM --
Ms. Erica Freeman, representing Choice Organics, expressed her support for vertical integration.

05:51 PM --
Ms. Debbie Phillips, representing herself, commented on marijuana use by teenagers.

05:52 PM --
Mr. Phillip Barton, representing himself, commented on Amendment 64 and the regulation of marijuana.

05:55 PM --
Ms. Jessica LeRoux, representing rural interests, commented on vertical integration and the excise tax.

05:58 PM --
Ms. Teri Robnett, representing cannabis patients, commented on her opposition to 70/30 vertical integration and spoke about the importance of patient needs.

06:01 PM --
Mr. Mark Belkin, representing United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7, commented on Amendment 64.

06:03 PM --
Ms. Cheri Hackett, representing Associated Cannabis Trades, commented on the taxation of marijuana.

06:05 PM --
Mr. Nick LoVuolo, representing himself, commented on the vertical integration model. He stated his opposition to series 9 and 10 recommendations.

06:08 PM --
Mr. Chris Maj, representing himself, commented on the excise tax. A handout was distributed to the committee (Attachment I).

130322 AttachI.pdf130322 AttachI.pdf

06:12 PM --
Mr. Miguel Lopez, representing himself and the Denver 4/20 Rally, commented on Amendment 64.

06:14 PM --
Mr. Greg Duran, representing himself, commented on Amendment 64.

06:16 PM --
Mr. Craig Small, representing the Amendment 64 Task Force Social Issues Working Group, commented on his support for the legalization of marijuana. He discussed the task force's recommendations concerning education.

06:18 PM --
Ms. Chloe Villano, Clover Leaf Consulting, commented on vertical integration and taxes within the medical marijuana market.

06:20 PM

Representative Pabon closed the testimony phase. He explained that the goal for Monday's meeting is to discuss recommendations with public testimony. Senator Schwartz asked to be excused on Monday to attend Colorado Department of Corrections Executive Director Tom Clements' funeral. Representative Pabon announced that all legislators attending Director Clements' funeral would be excused.

06:22 PM

The committee adjourned.