Summarized History for Bill Number SB12-028
(The date the bill passed to the committee of the whole reflects the date the bill passed out of committee.)

01/11/2012 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Judiciary
01/30/2012 Senate Committee on Judiciary Refer Amended to Appropriations
04/10/2012 Senate Committee on Appropriations Refer Unamended to Senate Committee of the Whole
04/12/2012 Senate Second Reading Laid Over Daily
04/24/2012 Senate Second Reading Passed with Amendments
04/25/2012 Senate Third Reading Laid Over Daily
04/26/2012 Senate Third Reading Passed
05/01/2012 Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary
05/03/2012 House Committee on Judiciary Refer Unamended to Appropriations
05/04/2012 House Committee on Appropriations Refer Amended to House Committee of the Whole
05/08/2012 House Second Reading Laid Over Daily

This information is prepared as an informational service only and should not be relied
upon as an official record of action taken by the Colorado General Assembly.