Bill #Short Title
HB12-1001Rule Review Evaluation Of Educator Effectiveness
HB12-1002The CLEAR Act & Application Permit Rules
HB12-1003Authorize Graywater Use
HB12-1004Colorado Timber Act
HB12-1005Legal Investments For Public Funds
HB12-1006American Red Cross Colorado Chapters Tax Checkoff
HB12-1007Regulatory Analysis Requirement For Rules
HB12-1008GA & Public Input Proposed Agency Rules & Fees
HB12-1009Federal Funds Transparency Act
HB12-1010Reissue Lost Mutual Ditch Share Cert
HB12-101115-year Rule For State Controlled Maint Funding
HB12-1012Increase Agency Displacement Expenses Payment Cap
HB12-1013Interventions For Middle School Students
HB12-1014Modify Late Vehicle Registration Fee
HB12-1015Modifications DORA Sunrise Review Process
HB12-1016PUC Ex Parte Communications
HB12-1017Extend Local Access Health Care Pilot
HB12-1018FPPA Social Security Pension Modifications
HB12-1019Transfer Ports Of Entry To State Patrol
HB12-1020Nonacceptance US Cash Money
HB12-1021Coordinated And Rational Transp Planning
HB12-1022Establish Mines Water Replacement Reqmnt
HB12-1023Fallen Heroes Vehicle License Plate
HB12-1024Plain Language For Ballot Titles
HB12-1025Regulator Navigator To Provide Regulatory Info
HB12-1026Municipal Prosecuting Attorney Peace Officers
HB12-1027Home Kitchen Nonpotentially Hazardous Food
HB12-1028Continue Low-income Energy-related Assistance
HB12-1029Economic Stimulus Personal Property Tax Exemption
HB12-1030Repeal Transportation-related Reporting Reqmnts