Bill #Short Title
HB09-1001Income Tax Credit For CO Job Growth
HB09-1002State Lottery Operations
HB09-1003Authorized Carrier Veh Sales Tax Exempt
HB09-1004PACE Organizations Employ Physicians
HB09-1005Spec Improvement Dist In Special Dist
HB09-1006Sewer System Rate Users Outside Boundary
HB09-1007Domestic Violence Collaborative Mgmt
HB09-1008State Employee Annual Leave Transfers
HB09-1009Require Public School Emergency Drills
HB09-1010Expand Film Production In Colorado
HB09-1011DOC Headquarters Lease-purchase
HB09-1012Incentives Wellness & Prevention Prog
HB09-1013TIF Exception Emergency Services
HB09-1014Conservation Easement Oversight
HB09-1015Conduct Of Primary Elections
HB09-1016Driver's License Temporary Presence
HB09-1017CWCB Water Efficiency Grant Fund
HB09-1018SCORE System & HAVA Compliance
HB09-1019Cat Identification Law For Cities
HB09-1020Expedite Medical Program Reenrollment
HB09-1021Reauthorize Mentally Ill Offenders Study
HB09-1022Recidivism Reduction Grant Program
HB09-1023Blood Donations By Minors
HB09-1024Local Gov Audit Law Mod
HB09-1025Report Hospital Infection Rates Criteria
HB09-1026Low-power Self-propelled Vehicles
HB09-1027Yield To Transit Bus Entering Traffic
HB09-1028CO Indigent Care Accountability Board
HB09-1029Mobile Machinery Vehicle Registration
HB09-1030FPPA Pension Plan IRS Qualification