Senate Committees

Hide details for Agriculture, Natural Resources & EnergyAgriculture, Natural Resources & Energy
7 Members:Senator Isgar, Chairman; Senator Schwartz, Vice-Chairman; Brophy, Gibbs, Harvey, Romer, Taylor
Hide details for AppropriationsAppropriations
10 Members:Senator Morse, Chairman; Senator Keller, Vice-Chairman; Brophy, Harvey, Johnson, Kopp, Romer, Tapia, Veiga, Windels
Hide details for Business, Labor and TechnologyBusiness, Labor and Technology
7 Members:Senator Veiga, Chairman; Senator Tochtrop, Vice-Chairman; Kester, Schwartz, Takis, Taylor, Wiens
Hide details for EducationEducation
7 Members:Senator Windels, Chairman; Senator Tupa, Vice-Chairman; Bacon, Kopp, Penry, Spence, Williams
Hide details for Ethics CommitteeEthics Committee
3 Members:Senator Veiga, Chairman; Senator Johnson, Vice-Chairman; Windels
Hide details for FinanceFinance
7 Members:Senator Sandoval, Chairman; Senator Romer, Vice-Chairman; Brophy, Harvey, Isgar, Kopp, Veiga
Hide details for Health and Human ServicesHealth and Human Services
7 Members:Senator Hagedorn, Chairman; Senator Boyd, Vice-Chairman; Cadman, Mitchell S., Sandoval, Schultheis, Tochtrop
Hide details for JudiciaryJudiciary
7 Members:Senator Shaffer, Chairman; Senator Gibbs, Vice-Chairman; Bacon, Boyd, Penry, Renfroe, Ward
Hide details for Local GovernmentLocal Government
7 Members:Senator Bacon, Chairman; Senator Schwartz, Vice-Chairman; Kester, Tochtrop, Tupa, Ward, Wiens
Show details for Senate ServicesSenate Services