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Comm Summary02:37 PM03:09 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
Moved Section 1 of CLHB1257.004. The motion passed 6-0.Final
Amend rerevised bill, page 5, line 20, insert "which was preexistent to the highway, or highway lane expansion, or". The motion passed 6-0.Final
Moved Section 2 of CHLB1257.004. The motion was withdrawn.Final
Moved a substitute amendment to Section 2 of CHLB1257.004. Amend page 4, line 18, after "highways", insert "as prioritized by the Department of Transportation pursuant to Section 43-2-402 (4) (b), C.R.S."; strike lines 24-27. Page 5, strike lines 1-4. The motion passed 6-0.Final
FINAL VOTE - Moved to adopt second conference committee report on House Bill. The motion passed 6-0. Final
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Comm Summary02:21 PM02:24 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
FINAL VOTE - Move Amendment CLHB.001 (Attachment A) as the report of the conference committee. The motion carried unanimously.Final
Bill Summary Final
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Bill Summary Final
Comm Summary02:24 PM03:01 PMFinal
Moved a conceptual amendment to increase appropriation to $2 million. The motion passed on a 3-2-1 roll call vote.Final
Conceptual amendment to move funding forward one year. The motion passed without objection.Final
Conceptual amendment to add back in language from the reengrossed bill in Section 26-6.5-103.7, (1)(h) C.R.S, "a unique student identifier to each child three years of age or older who participates in a quality program funded through the early childhood councils." The motion passed on a 3-2-1 roll call vote. Final
Adopt conference committee report as reflected by amendments adopted by the committee. The motion passed on a 3-2-1 roll call vote. Final
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Comm Summary01:27 PM01:30 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
FINAL VOTE - Adopt draft conference committee report CLSB036.001 (Attachment A). The motion passed 4-0-2.Final
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Comm Summary06:30 PM06:32 PMFinal
Bill Summary Final
FINAL VOTE - Moved the report of Second conference committee (Attachment B). Senator Tupa and Bob Lackner, Office of Legislative Legal Services, reviewed the provisions of CLSB051.002. The motion passed on a 4-2 roll call vote. Final