Time:07:32 AM to 08:29 AM
Place:RM 271
This Meeting was called to order by
Martinez Humenik
Senator Roberts
This Report was prepared by
Amanda King
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Bills Addressed: Action Taken:
Opening Remarks & LCS Updates
Colorado Association of Health Plans
Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters
Colorado Consumer Health Initiative
Update from the Subcommittee
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only

07:32 AM -- Opening Remarks & LCS Updates

Senator Roberts called the meeting to order. The meeting agenda and a letter from the Small Business Majority were distributed to the committee members (Attachments A and B). Senator Roberts discussed establishing a meeting scheduled for the interim, dependent on the enactment of Senate Bill 15-256, concerning the operation of the legislative committee that oversees the Colorado health benefit exchange. She announced that the Legislative Audit Committee would be hearing from the exchange on August 31. Senator Roberts discussed the activities of the subcommittee concerning the appointment of the executive director of the exchange.

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07:36 AM

Bill Zepernick, Legislative Council Staff, provided an update on the public feedback survey. He outlined the key concerns provided include difficulties with Medicaid eligibility determination, delays with information sharing between the exchange and health insurance carriers, and wait times with the customer service center (Attachment C). Amanda King, Legislative Council Staff, announced the public feedback survey can be accessed at or by calling (303) 866-3521.

150415 AttachC.pdf150415 AttachC.pdf

07:40 AM -- Colorado Association of Health Plans

Ben Price, Colorado Association of Health Plans, presented to the committee about the exchange. He referenced the Blue Ribbon Commission for Health Care Reform created by Senate Bill 06-208. He discussed the the enrollment of uninsured and underinsured Coloradoans by the exchange. Mr. Price discussed the two open enrollments period that have occurred and the interchange between the health insurance carriers and the exchange. He discussed the competitive health insurance market in Colorado. He stated that transparency regarding health insurance has increased due to the exchange.

07:47 AM

Mr. Price outlined the areas for improvement, including fixing technical issues, getting consumers through the right door for the services they need, decreasing wait times with the call center, and improving the shared eligibility system. He expressed the need for a seamless system for health insurance. Mr. Price reiterated the shared eligibility system improvements are crucial. He discussed the call center answering Medicaid questions rather than the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing.

07:53 AM

Mr. Price discussed the staffing situation at the exchange. He expressed the need for key positions at the exchange to be filled, including the executive director, chief financial officer, and chief operating officer. He discussed the need for management to do realistic right sizing of the organization and accurate cost projections. Mr. Price discussed the composition of the board of directors and improving communication between the board and health insurance carriers. He discussed the importance of having insurance carriers represented on the board.

07:58 AM -- Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters

Tammy Niederman, Colorado State Association of Health Underwriters, presented to the committee. She discussed the role of health insurance brokers before the exchange was in place. Ms. Niederman explained the ease of making changes to enrollment information prior to the exchange. She explained the delays of fees getting to health insurance carriers. Ms. Niederman discussed allowing health insurance brokers the ability to change enrollment information with the health insurance carriers directly rather than the exchange. She outlined the collaboration between health insurance brokers and the exchange.

08:05 AM

Ms. Niederman discussed the challenges with the call center, members' policies inadvertently being terminated, the issues that arise when changes are made to subsidies, and the renewal process. She reiterated that the enrollment process should be simple. She referenced the broker roundtable that exists. She said her organization was supportive of Senate Bill 11-200, which created the exchange, and of keeping a state-run exchange. Ms. Niederman said a health insurance broker should be appointed to the board.

08:10 AM -- Colorado Consumer Health Initiative

Debra Judy, Colorado Consumer Health Initiative, presented to the committee. She discussed the involvement of her organization with the exchange. Ms. Judy said that her organization will be forming focus groups in April to collect consumer feedback about the exchange. Ms. Judy shared stories about peoples positive experience purchasing health insurance through the exchange. She discussed the tools for consumers provided by the exchange and the assistance network.

08:16 AM

Ms. Judy discussed the health insurance options for consumers. She relayed stories of health coverage guides working with consumers.

08:19 AM

Ms. Judy discussed improving the shared eligibility system. She referenced the written comments her organization submitted to Connect for Health Colorado about the shared eligibility system. The written comments were provided to the committee members after the meeting (Attachments D and E). She discussed the limited amount of time before the next open enrollment period and the time needed to allow those assisting with enrollment to be trained on the changes. Ms. Judy expressed the need to address staffing at the exchange, improving the technology system, and making the call center more efficient.

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08:22 AM -- Update from the Subcommittee Concerning the Executive Director Appointment

Senator Martinez Humenik discussed the meeting of the subcommittee on April 8, 2015. She said the subcommittee needs to have another meeting with the board. Senator Martinez Humenik outlined the recruitment process implemented by the exchange in the executive director search. Senator Kefalas said the subcommittee meeting with the board reiterated the importance of appointing an executive director and making other staffing appointments in a timely manner. Representative Sias discussed questions about whether the exchange is sustainable. Representative Ryden discussed the importance of appointing the executive director to allow other positions at the exchange to be filled.

08:28 AM

Senator Roberts discussed having the subcommittee meet again with the board. She reiterated having committee members submit their interim availability to staff and that the Legislative Audit Committee is tentatively scheduled to meet with the exchange on August 31, 2015.

08:29 AM

The committee adjourned.