Date: 02/04/2014

Meeting with Joint Technology Committee


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07:55 AM -- Meeting with Joint Technology Committee

Senator Schwartz initiated a discussion about a proposed amendment to Senate Bill 14-089, concerning a prohibition for the state to enter into an agreement for a payment in lieu of taxes. Ms. Kori Donaldson, Legislative Council Staff, briefed the committee on the documents received by the committee for the discussion with the Joint Technology Committee (JTC), including a table of FY 2014-15 capital construction technology requests (Attachment B), and written descriptions of a pair of technology projects (Attachment C), prepared by Legislative Council Staff. Committee members also received a blank form for departments to complete when submitting information technology project requests to the JTC, prepared by JTC Staff (Attachment D). Ms. Donaldson responded to questions regarding pending presentations by state departments regarding certain capital construction requests that were submitted to the committee after the submission deadline. The Capital Development Committee (CDC) and the JTC entered into a discussion about:

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Representative Tyler, Chair of the JTC, initiated the discussion, reviewing the headings in Attachment D and discussing the process by which the JTC will review information technology requests. Representative Tyler responded to questions regarding the scope of oversight of state-owned information technology systems by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Ms. Brenda Berlin, Chief Financial Officer for OIT, provided input on her office's oversight responsibilities, and addressed questions regarding the source of fluctuations in spending on information technology by departments.

08:14 AM

Discussion ensued regarding the timing of budgeting for, and spending on, information technology projects. The discussion expanded into a consideration of the proper dollar thresholds for triggering oversight of information technology projects by the CDC and the JTC. Ms. van Mourik provided input on the current dollar threshold that triggers oversight by the CDC. Representative Tyler explained how differences between information technology projects and capital construction projects may influence these dollar thresholds. Discussion followed regarding the process by which the JTC will consider information technology projects and forward them to the CDC, and the projects already considered by the JTC.

08:24 AM

Representative Tyler provided background on the creation of the JTC, and the reasons for its creation, and explained its role. Senator Newell and Representative Rankin provided input on the role of the JTC and how the committee will operate in cooperation with the Joint Budget Committee and the CDC. Discussion ensued regarding the JTC's role. Discussion followed regarding the FY 2014-15 Statewide Leave, Time Tracking, and Human Resources Management Systems Modernization technology request from OIT. Ms. Berlin provided input on the project.

08:36 AM

Ms. Berlin responded to questions regarding the scope of the Time Tracking project. Discussion returned to the role of the JTC in reviewing information technology projects, with the FY 2014-15 Department of Corrections' Offender Management Information System Replacement request used as an example. Discussion followed regarding the timing of certain FY 2014-15 information technology capital request submissions, and how the JTC may help to review information technology requests going forward. Ms. Berlin responded to additional questions regarding OIT oversight of the statewide information technology inventory. Mr. Mike Richey, Chief Customer Officer for OIT, provided input on the threshold for OIT's oversight of information technology projects and systems.

08:48 AM

Discussion ensued regarding the process by which information technology projects are entered into the capital process, and how the JTC can assist the CDC in reviewing certain FY 2014-15 requests. Discussion followed regarding the timeline for considering information technology requests, and the CDC's FY 2014-15 capital prioritization timeline.

08:57 AM

The committee adjourned.