Time:07:33 AM to 08:57 AM
Place:HCR 0112
This Meeting was called to order by
Representative McCann
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Amanda King
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Presentation from Connect for Health ColoradoWitness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
07:34 AM -- Presentation from Connect for Health Colorado

Representative McCann called the meeting to order. The committee received an agenda (Attachment A) and a Schedule of Audit Reviews for Connect for Health Colorado (Attachment B). Gretchen Hammer, Connect for Health Colorado Board Chair, stated that her term as chair will expire at the end of July. She discussed her experience as the board chair and the history of Connect for Health Colorado (exchange).

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07:37 AM

Patty Fontneau, executive director of Connect for Health Colorado, presented the Update for Legislative Health Benefit Implementation Review Committee (Attachment C). She stated that the exchange is responsible for access to health insurance, not access to health care. She discussed the number of health insurance plans available through the exchange. She stated that the counties that had the fewest options still had 42 health plans to choose from. She stated that she believes all of the carriers will be coming back next year, but no formal notifications have been received by the Division of Insurance yet. She referenced the By the Numbers press release (Attachment D). She discussed engaging younger adults. Ms. Fontneau stated that the exchange can provide specific county enrollment data upon request. She discussed the operational plan that was approved by the committee in January. She discussed the walk-in enrollment sites that resulted in 2,700 sign-ups.
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07:50 AM

Ms. Fontneau discussed enrollment spikes and the various outreach efforts by the exchange during the open enrollment phase. She stated that people can still enroll in health insurance if they have a qualifying life event, or if someone started a PEAK application, but did not receive Medicaid, the person has until May 31 to enroll. She discussed the exchange's current and future marketing and outreach activities and the partnerships the exchange had with other organizations. Ms. Fontneau reviewed the personnel, technology, and operational support system activities that will occur over the next few months. Ms. Fontneau discussed the development of a shared eligibility service with Medicaid to make the application process more streamlined.

08:00 AM

Ms. Fontneau reviewed the Update for Legislative Health Benefit Exchange Implementation Review Committee Financial Plan Extract (Attachment E). She referenced House Bill 13-1245, concerning funding mechanisms for the Colorado Health Benefit Exchange, and discussed the transition of reserves from CoverColorado to Connect for Health Colorado, the broad market assessment, and administrative fees. She reviewed the financial modeling scenarios for the exchange and the general market assessment. She stated that the models assumes some people who sign up for health insurance will not pay their premiums.

140424 AttachE.pdf140424 AttachE.pdf

08:10 AM

Ms. Fontneau stated she could provide information about how many people enrolled through insurance brokers in response to a question. Ms. Fontneau responded to questions about the people who were offered early renewals and whether the exchange has lowered the number of uninsured Coloradoans. She stated that the exchange did not replace any of the distribution channels for health insurance. Ms. Fontneau discussed the federal limitations on the exchange's access to health and insurance data and the Colorado Health Institute's ability to provided data on uninsured populations. Senator Aguilar discussed the ability of people with pre-existing conditions to access health insurance. Ms. Hammer discussed the Colorado Health Access Survey.

08:22 AM

Ms. Fontneau dialogued with the committee about supplemental products, including vision insurance, offered on the exchange. She stated that additional supplemental products would need board approval before they are offered on the exchange. Ms. Fontneau stated that both federal regulations and House Bill 13-1245 allow for supplemental or ancillary products to be sold through the exchange. Ms. Fontneau discussed the role of insurance brokers within the exchange.

08:36 AM

Ms. Fontneau responded to questions about the interplay between the exchange and Medicaid. Senator Lundberg commented on the impact of the open enrollment period and the exchange on insurance brokers. Ms. Fontneau responded to questions about the regional price ratings. She discussed the separation of roles between the Division of Insurance and the exchange outlined in Senate Bill 11-200. She responded to a question about the support the exchange receives from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Ms. Hammer discussed the exchange's impact on various populations to access health insurance.

08:45 AM --
Melissa Meier and Pam DiPasquale, representing the Occupational Therapy Association of Colorado, testified before the committee concerning health insurance plans that are not in compliance with the required essential health benefits coverage for rehabilitative and habilitative services. Ms. Meier discussed a letter that was sent by her organization to the Division of Insurance about the issue (Attachment F), and stated that the Commissioner of Insurance had not yet responded. The committee discussed asking the Division of Insurance about the issue. Ms. DiPasquale stated that additional information was sent to the Division of Insurance along with the letter. Ms. DiPasquale responded to questions about whether the lack of coverage is impacting patients.

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08:53 AM --
Marc Reece, representing the Colorado Association of Health Plans, discussed the efforts between the health insurance plans and the Division of Insurance to evaluate discrepancies in health plans. He stated that the federal templates under which all plans must be filed are now state-specific and were issued on April 23, 2014. Representative McCann said she would follow up with the Division of Insurance and Mr. Reece on the issue.

08:54 AM --
Richard Cauchi, representing the National Conference of State Legislatures, discussed the States and Health Insurance Marketplace Funding Report he provided to the committee (Attachment G).

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08:57 AM

The committee adjourned.