Date: 01/16/2013



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01:45 PM -- Senate Bill 13-013

Senator King, sponsor, presented Senate Bill 13-013. The bill gives certain agents and officers of the United States Secret Service limited peace officer authority while working in Colorado. To act as a peace officer in Colorado, an agent must follow the rules and regulations of the United States Secret Service and be acting in any of the following circumstances:

responding to a nonfederal felony or misdemeanor committed in his or her presence;
responding to an emergency situation in which the agent has probable cause to believe that a nonfederal felony or misdemeanor is being committed involving injury to persons or property;
rendering assistance at the request of a Colorado peace officer; and
effecting an arrest or providing assistance as part of a task force or joint investigation with Colorado peace officers.

Senator Guzman referred the committee to a memorandum prepared by Legislative Council Staff concerning background information on peace officers (Attachment B).


01:46 PM

Senator King explained his reasons for sponsoring the bill and responded to questions from Senator Lundberg concerning the need for the bill.

01:52 PM

Senator Guzman asked additional questions concerning the need for the bill and its possible benefits. She noted that the committee has not received a report from the Peace Officers Standards and Training Board (P.O.S.T. board) concerning giving United States Secret Service members peace officer status. Senator King asked to lay the bill over in order to give committee members time to read the report and discuss its findings. Senator Guzman laid the bill over, and no testimony was taken.

01:56 PM

The committee adjourned.