Time:01:32 PM to 02:58 PM
Place:SCR 354
This Meeting was called to order by
Senator Newell
This Report was prepared by
Julia Jackson
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Bills Addressed: Action Taken:
Replica Liberty Bell Restoration
Capitol Quilt Show
New State Symbol Artwork
Radiators Near Capitol Artwork
Guidelines for Signage in the Capitol
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only

01:33 PM -- Replica Liberty Bell Restoration

The committee was called to order. A quorum was not present. Senator Newell announced that the committee's scheduled update regarding renovations to Mr. Brown's Attic would be delayed until the March meeting.

Ms. Sue Johnson, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Mount Rosa Chapter, reminded the committee of their prior discussions regarding the restoration of the replica Liberty Bell located in Lincoln Park. She noted that her organization did not receive a grant from the State Historic Fund due in part to concerns regarding the proposed treatments to the bell. Committee members received a preliminary report on the condition of the bell's yoke (Attachment A). Ms. Johnson explained that DAR is hoping to do additional research if money from the U.S. Park Service can be secured. She noted that the yoke is made of white oak, and that while its exterior looks like it is beginning to rot, 98 percent of the wood is in good condition. She noted that where there is water damage, repairs can be made without replacing the rest of the wood.

Attachment A.pdfAttachment A.pdf

01:40 PM

Ms. Johnson continued to explain that the cantilever connection to the axles holding up the bell is beginning to fail. She noted that the stresses are the greatest at the bearing interface. She concluded that the results of this investigation are good news, and may even allow the bell to be rung in a static position. She added that her committee has not yet made any decisions regarding their future course of action, but that they intend to apply for a State Historic Fund grant again in the fall. She reminded the committee that the DAR has raised the funds to conduct the analysis so far.

01:46 PM -- Capitol Quilt Show

Ms. Shelley Young, Colorado Quilting Council (CQC), reminded the committee of its decisions regarding the Capitol Quilt Show so far. She described her plans to maximize quilt show visitation and keep the show financially sound. She explained that she would be seeking partial business sponsorship and described how she would recognize these sponsors. Committee members received sample information about business sponsorships (Attachment B). Ms. Young discussed her plans to advertise for the Capitol Quilt Show in local publications. Senator Newell clarified that the CQC is a nonprofit organization. Ms. Sill and Ms. Young discussed the inclusion of sponsor names in quilt show programs, noting that no sponsor logos would be displayed in the Capitol building beyond the programs. Ms. Kori Donaldson, Legislative Council Staff, added that the Office of Legislative Legal Services reviewed these proposals and did not see any legal concerns.

Attachment B.pdfAttachment B.pdf

01:53 PM

Ms. Young explained that she is considering raffling a quilt from the show, and she described this proposal. Ms. Green clarified that the raffle would occur off-site and after the show has concluded. Ms. Green, Senator Newell, and Ms. Young discussed other possibilities for promoting the raffle. Committee members continued to discuss the logistics of a possible raffle with Ms. Young.

01:59 PM

Ms. Young discussed the CQC's plans to include more quilts in the show by running a concurrent show in the 5th Floor Reading Room at the Denver Central Library. She explained that this would dramatically reduce the number of quilts that have to be turned away from the show. She noted further benefits to this additional location. Ms. Markwell and Ms. Young discussed the placement of quilts in the Capitol building for the quilt show. Ms. Donaldson noted that the committee has not in the past been involved in locating the quilts. Ms. Theresa Holst, Manager of Visitor Services, came to the table and clarified that some quilts have been placed in private offices in the Capitol building, but that these quilts are not part of the Capitol Quilt Show. Ms. Young reminded the committee of the dates of the show: July 29 through October 10, 2013, with quilts being installed July 26 and taken down October 11.

02:08 PM -- New State Symbol Artwork

Ms. Theresa Holst, Manager of Visitor Services, explained that the Legislature and Governor have adopted new state symbols in recent years, but these are not included in information about the state seals because renderings of the new symbols have not been drawn yet. She noted that a display of these drawings is located in Mr. Brown's Attic. Additionally, the drawings are included in the Capitol Visitor's Guide. Ms. Donaldson noted that the committee will need to authorize the expenditure of funds to hire an artist, but she and Ms. Holst could begin by reaching out to the artist who has done the other drawings of state symbols. She added that the artist has in the past expressed an interest in redesigning some of his earlier drawings, as well. Senator Newell and Ms. Donaldson discussed the possibility of bringing the artist to a future meeting to discuss his proposals with the committee. Ms. Green expressed support for this proposal.

02:14 PM -- Radiators Near Capitol Artwork

Ms. Donaldson reminded the committee of its prior discussion about working radiators and their potential impact on artwork. Committee members received a memo prepared by Legislative Council Staff regarding the artwork located near radiators (Attachment C), as well as a letter from History Colorado regarding the environment surrounding artwork at the Capitol (Attachment D). Ms. Donaldson described her research on this matter, which concluded that only the portraits of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Hank Brown on the first floor of the Capitol building are in danger due to their location near radiators. She added that this location is also near a public entrance to the building, which leads to significant temperature fluctuation. Ms. Donaldson outlined the committee's options regarding the location of the two portraits. Ms. Sill questioned whether there has been an overall plan regarding art in the building. Ms. Julia Jackson, Legislative Council Staff, and Ms. Donaldson discussed existing plans and the need for further guidance. Ms. Donaldson also noted that the committee could evaluate the condition of artwork in the building, so that needed restoration could be prioritized.

Attachment C.pdfAttachment C.pdf Attachment D.pdfAttachment D.pdf

Committee members discussed the formation of a subcommittee to create a formal plan regarding artwork in the Capitol.

02:25 PM

Ms. Markwell noted that the Senate has made plans to address items like the composite Senate photos that are under their jurisdiction. Committee members suggested this type of jurisdiction be clarified. Ms. Green and Senator Newell asked that alternative locations be identified for the two portraits and brought to the committee for discussion at its next meeting.

02:29 PM -- Guidelines for Signage in the Capitol

Mr. Lance Shepherd, Architect, Division of Central Services, discussed his concern with the quality of signage in the Capitol building. He showed the committee photos of various types of signs in the building (Attachment E). He noted that there are challenges to funding comprehensive improvements to signage in the building. Senator Newell and Mr. Shepherd discussed the timing of various changes. Mr. Shepherd, Ms. Sill, and Mr. Lee discussed graphic design for signs.

Attachment E.pdfAttachment E.pdf

02:37 PM

Ms. Markwell and Mr. Shepherd discussed the use of temporary signs to guide Capitol visitors after hours. Senator Newell noted that Colorado State Patrol (CSP) needs to be involved in signage discussions since the signs address safety issues. Ms. Donaldson noted that the Capital Development Committee (CDC) is considering a proposal to fund a Capitol Complex Master Plan, which could address signage in the Capitol. Senator Newell clarified the CDC process with Ms. Donaldson, who also described the possibility of funding more consistent signage. Mr. Lee agreed to speak with CSP regarding temporary after-hours access. Ms. Holst came to the table and noted that visitors do not necessarily read signs regardless of their appearance.

02:46 PM

Senator Newell requested that legislators be reminded about the security of entrances and exits. Ms. Markwell suggested that this be announced to legislators on the floor of the House and Senate. Ms. Green expressed support for including a discussion of signage as part of the Capitol Complex Master Plan. Senator Newell suggested that temporary signage at least use consistent fonts. Ms. Sill discussed the use of signage codes to create consistency. Committee discussion continued regarding a course of action. Mr. Shepherd offered to contact a vendor to evaluate signage costs. Mr. Lee stated that the costs of replacing signs should be manageable. The committee also discussed limiting the number of signs in the Capitol building.

02:56 PM

Mr. Lee noted that he has contacted the cafeteria management regarding signs and decorations currently in use in the cafeteria.

02:58 PM

The committee adjourned.