Time:01:39 PM to 03:01 PM
Place:SCR 354
This Meeting was called to order by
Georgianna Contiguglia
This Report was prepared by
Jennifer Thomsen
X = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent, * = Present after roll call
Bills Addressed: Action Taken:
Update on Proposal to Restore Liberty Bell
Dome Fund-raising Quarterly Report
Centennial Statehouse DVD
William Lee Knous Bust
Art in the Capitol Website
Summer Meeting Schedule
Annual Work Plan

01:39 PM -- Update on Proposal to Restore Liberty Bell

The committee was called to order by the Chair, Georgianna Contiguglia. A quorum was not present.

Lance Shepherd, Division of Central Services; Sue Johnson, Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR), Mount Rosa Chapter; and Andre Vite, Vite Collaborative, came to the table to update the committee on the DAR proposal to restore the Liberty Bell replica in Lincoln Park. Mr. Shepherd reported that he has met with Ms. Johnson and Mr. Vite to discuss the design, and said he has forwarded the design to the Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation for review. Mr. Shepherd asked whether the pending proposal for National Historic Landmark (NHL) designation for the Civic Center area would impact the Liberty Bell proposal. Ms. Contiguglia reminded the committee that the area is currently on the the National Register of Historic Places, but said she does not know whether NHL designation will be an issue. Ms. Contiguglia asked the presenters to contact Joe Saldibar in the Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation for further information on that topic. She clarified that the design plans will need to be approved by the committee.

01:43 PM

Ms. Johnson thanked Mr. Vite for his time and efforts on the design. Mr. Vite said the design is based on the pods that are on the grounds on the east side of the Capitol. He shared a drawing of the design concept, noting that the plan contemplates moving the bell about 30 feet south of its current location and adding paths off of the existing paths to the Liberty Bell pod. He said the plan could be shifted to avoid impacting the trees, light posts, or sprinklers. He next discussed the plan drawing that illustrates how the pod would be constructed and shows the materials and dimensions. He discussed the substructure, which is designed to avoid damage. Mr. Shepherd noted there is no surveillance in the area and said they would try to design it in a way that will minimize the possibility of vandalism. The documents presented by Mr. Vite are contained in Attachment A.

Attachment A.pdf

01:47 PM

Mr. Lee asked for further information about the proposed substructure and ADA compliance. Mr. Vite explained that the substructure would be cement topped by sand and stone. He said the area will be ADA compliant. In response to a question from Ms. Contiuglia, Mr. Vite explained that the diameter of the pod will be 32 feet, which is slightly larger than the 28 foot diameter of the pods on the east lawn. The committee discussed the size of the pods and the ability for maintenance crews to drive mowing equipment over the paths.

Senator Newell expressed support for the proposal. Ms. Contiguglia said the proposed display would make the bell more useful as an educational device.

Mr. Shepherd reported that there are dead or damaged trees in the area that need to be removed.

Ms. Contiguglia asked Mr. Nichols to check into the earlier questions about whether moving the bell and adding the pod display will impact the proposed NHL designation. The committee discussed whether further review would be necessary because the bell is a contributing element to the NHL designation. Mr. Nichols remarked that they need to check to be sure that the substructure is not part of the designation.

01:54 PM

Because a quorum was not present, Ms. Contiguglia asked committee members to express their opinion of the plan so that an informal recommendation could be made. Senator Newell expressed strong support for the plan. Mr. Nichols commented that the access walks will make the bell much more accessible and visible. Mr. Lee expressed support as well. Mr. Nichols asked for information about the cost of the display. Mr. Vite said he would solicit some bids from local contractors and come back to the committee with some estimates. Ms. Johnston said her hope is that the restoration would be coordinated with moving the bell and the new design plan.

01:59 PM

Ms. Contiguglia told Ms. Johnson and Mr. Vite to proceed with getting bids to present to the committee at its July meeting.

02:00 PM -- Dome Fund-raising Quarterly Report

Marie Patterson, Honorary Co-Chair, Share in the Care Colorado, came to the table to present the dome fund-raising campaign quarterly report (Attachment B). Ms. Patterson reported that Kasia Iwaniczko MacLeod, the campaign strategy director, has left the campaign. She said that the campaign raised $7,113 in the quarter ending March 31, 2012. She reported on a new sponsor, Denver Gold Group, which will generate $25,000 over three years.

Attachment B.pdf

Ms. Contiguglia expressed hope that the fund-raising momentum will pick up. Ms. Contiguglia and Ms. Patterson discussed the most efficient use of paper in quarterly reports.

02:04 PM

In response to a question from Mr. Nichols, Ms. Patterson explained that Colorado Preservation, Inc., is currently handling financial and contractual issues related to Ms. Iwaniczko's departure. Senator Newell asked for information about the fund-raising plan moving forward. Ms. Patterson said a new plan will be presented to the CPI board next week. In response to a follow-up question from Senator Newell, Ms. Patterson said she will have more information on the success of the media partnerships soon. Ms. Contiguglia requested that the information be presented to the committee at its July meeting.

02:07 PM -- Centennial Statehouse DVD

Theresa Holst, Manager of Visitor Services, came to the table to ask permission to offer for sale the DVD of Jim Havey's film, Centennial Statehouse: Colorado's Greatest Treasure, at the first floor gift shop. She said the wholesale price of the DVD is $11.37, and it would be offered for sale at a price between $18 and $20. She explained that the minimum order is ten DVDs. Ms. Contiguglia approved the order of ten. Ms. Holst and Ms. Contiguglia discussed showing the film on monitors on the third floor.

In response to a question from Senator Newell, Ms. Holst reported that the items for sale in the first floor gift shop are made in America. Ms. Holst also reported that the cafeteria, which is under new management, is no longer selling gift items such as post cards and other small novelty items. Ms. Contiguglia asked Ms. Holst to put together a small inventory of items she is interested in stocking in the first floor gift shop. Senator Newell reiterated that the gift shop should sell only American made items.

02:12 PM -- William Lee Knous Bust

Ms. Contiguglia reported that staff has been contacted by Bob Knous, the grandson of Governor William Lee Knous. The bust of Governor Knous was moved from a west-facing niche on the first floor to a north-facing niche when the State Key was put on display. Ms. Contiguglia reminded the committee that part of the discussion about displaying the State Key in the west-facing niche was that lighting and security in that area are ideal for an item as valuable as the key. She reported that she too had spoken to Mr. Knous, who is unhappy with the move of the bust because of the symbolism in the bust's west-facing display. Ms. Contiguglia said the issue will need to be revisited and a compromise reached. She said possible solutions will be communicated to Mr. Knous and the committee. Mr. Nichols remarked that the committee discussed moving the bust and displaying the State Key at an open meeting.

02:20 PM -- Art in the Capitol Website

Jennifer Thomsen, Legislative Council Staff, explained that the art in the Capitol website is the result of a long project undertaken by legislative staff. Kori Donaldson, Legislative Council Staff, walked the committee through the elements of the site, which can be accessed at She noted that the website is not yet fully "live," but when it is, staff will provide a link to committee members.

The committee viewed and discussed the website, and thanked the volunteers and staff who worked on it.

02:36 PM -- Summer Meeting Schedule

Ms. Contiguglia reminded the committee that the July meeting is the committee's annual meeting. The committee discussed whether morning or afternoon meetings are preferable, and talked about whether a day other than the committee's traditional Friday meeting day would be preferable. The committee agreed to a date for the July meeting: Wednesday, July 18, at 10:00 a.m.

02:40 PM -- Annual Work Plan

Ms. Contiguglia reported that she created a draft annual work plan for Fiscal Year 2012-13 (Attachment C). She asked staff to include the work plan in the packet of materials for every committee meeting.

Attachment C.pdf

02:43 PM

Ms. Contiguglia discussed the maintenance of sculptures owned by the City of Denver. She asked Mr. Lee to work with Mr. Shepherd to gather information about the city's maintenance plan. In addition, she asked Mr. Lee to find out the status of the geothermal project and its impact on the Armenian Gardens. Mr. Lee responded that restoring the Armenian Garden is a part of the geothermal project. He said he would report back on the scheduling.

Mr. Lee provided background information about problems with damage to the granite pavers and the bollards on the west side of the building. He said the damage is in the $10,000 to $18,000 range at present. The committee discussed the damage and past efforts to mitigate it.

02:54 PM

Ms. Contiguglia asked staff to add maintenance of outdoor sculptures, under paragraph V.E. of the work plan, and to add a paragraph VIII. regarding landscaping. Permits and parking on the west side of the building is to be added under the landscaping heading. Ms. Contiguglia asked that copies of the updated annual plan be provided to committee members, Ms. Holst, and Mr. Shepherd.

03:00 PM

The committee adjourned.