Time:01:35 PM to 02:26 PM
Place:SCR 354
This Meeting was called to order by
Georgianna Contiguglia
This Report was prepared by
Jennifer Thomsen
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Bills Addressed: Action Taken:
Capitol Building Advisory Committee-

01:36 PM -- Call to Order

The committee was called to order by the chair, Georgianna Contiguglia.

The committee took a brief recess to view the underpainting of the portrait in-progress of President Obama in the rotunda.

01:41 PM -- Dome Renovation Project Update

Jim Hare, Colorado Preservation Inc. (CPI), came to the table to provide an update on the dome renovation project. He reported that the scaffolding at the south east corner of the Capitol is in place and forensic work is beginning. He distributed an updated list of the members of the Share in the Care campaign committee (Attachment A), and provided information about the new members. Mr. Hare introduced his colleague, Katie Carroll, who will serve as the campaign coordinator.

Attachment A.pdf

The committee viewed the trailer for the documentary film "Centennial Statehouse: Colorado's Greatest Treasure" from Havey Productions. Mr. Hare noted that CPI is helping to fund the film, but does not have any creative control. Mr. Hare talked about the people the filmmaker will interview, and asked the committee to offer suggestions. Ms. Contiguglia asked that the State Historical Fund be acknowledged in the film.

01:53 PM

Mr. Hare said he expects to have news soon about a media partner for the campaign, and said he is reaching out to potential radio and magazine partners as well. In addition, he said the campaign is reaching out to Univision.

Mr. Hare reported on the launch of the public campaign, speaking to the text message donation system made possible through mGive and AT&T Colorado. He said that, to date, $2,140 has been collected from 400 individuals through the text messaging campaign. He said $21,067 had been raised in addition to the text message donations. Mr. Hare said the corporate campaign has generated a lot of interest and there is a short list of key prospects that will be approached soon. He also said a series of breakfasts and lunches will be scheduled to promote the campaign to the corporate community.

01:57 PM

Mr. Hare said the architecture critic at the New York Times, Paul Goldberger, would be invited to an event to raise funds for the dome. He explained that Mr. Goldberger's recent book, "Why Architecture Matters" describes the effort to create the dome on the nation's Capitol out of cast iron during the Civil War. Mr. Hare said the book speaks to the importance of symbolic architecture and the importance of undertaking these types of projects during tough times. Mr. Hare suggested moving the statue of Abraham Lincoln that is located on the first floor north of the rotunda to a space in the west wing on the first floor temporarily to accommodate a small exhibit about President Lincoln's efforts related to the U.S. Capitol dome.

Ms. Contiguglia noted that an exhibit proposal would need to be approved by the committee, and referred Mr. Hare to the committee's guidelines, which are posted on-line at

02:01 PM

Next the committee talked about the proposed Share in the Care campaign signage to be placed in Lincoln Park (see Attachment B). Rick Lee said the Department of Personnel and Administration's permit rules do not allow for digging holes for the sign's posts. He suggested that Mr. Hare review the permit rules, which he said are posted on the Capitol Complex website.

Attachment B.pdf

02:08 PM

Mr. Hare reported next on the Share in the Care donation collection boxes that have been placed in the building. He said the first collection from the boxes was just under $200.

Mr. Hare provided a copy of "Colorado Preservationist" magazine, which contains a list of donors (Attachment C). He explained that the names of persons who donate by text are not available. The committee discussed how donors should be honored.

Attachment C.pdf

Finally, Mr. Hare discussed the task force - composed of Ms. Contiguglia, Representative Jim Riesberg, and Erick Scheminske from the Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting - which will review sponsorship agreements and proposed advertisements.

Finally, he reported that the Colorado Education Association (CEA) proposes a gift of $100,000 over multiple years, as well as help reaching out to schools and schoolchildren.

02:14 PM -- Presidential Portraits Update

Sarah Boardman, the artist painting the portrait of President Obama, showed the committee the underpainting and talked about the frame. Ms. Boardman described her process, explaining that she first created a full-sized drawing, which was approved in November. She then did the underpainting. Ms. Boardman explained that the next step will be to apply the colors and glazes. Ms. Contiguglia said the size of the painting, the frame, and the proportional size of the figure will match the other portraits. Ms. Boardman said she plans to create a slide show showing each day's progress on the painting.

02:18 PM -- Election of Vice-chair

Ms. Contiguglia explained that, traditionally, a legislative member of the committee has served as vice-chair. After committee discussion, Ms. Contiguglia said she would postpone the election of a new vice-chair until March meeting.

02:21 PM -- Other Business

Mr. Lee explained that work is being done in the Governor's Office that would impact the paneling, and asked if any committee members know whether the paneling is historic. Kathy Hoeft explained that she has done work in the office, and believes the paneling dates from the 1950s.

02:25 PM

Ms. Contiguglia noted the Governors' portraits have been cleaned and rehung. She also reported that the state key display is complete.

Marilyn Eddins reported that she has been in contact with Larry Zeschin about a possible display case for the moon rocks. Ms. Eddins explained that Mr. Zeschin is out of town, but said she would report back to the committee when he returns.

02:26 PM

The committee adjourned.