Date: 04/08/2009

Presentation on Union Apprenticeships


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07:40 AM -- Presentation on Union Apprenticeships

The presenters provided a packet of materials about union apprenticeships (Attachment A).


Mark Mitchell, Training Coordinator for the Denver Plumbers Joint Apprenticeship Committee, talked about apprenticeships, saying they typically have an on-the-job component, a classroom component, a college credit component, or a combination thereof. Mr. Mitchell talked about salary differentials and wage levels.

07:45 AM

Mr. Mitchell responded to committee questions about the number of apprentices in the plumbing program and about the length of the apprenticeship program. Larry Lawrence, Training Director for the Colorado Sheet Metal Workers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Institute, responded to the committee's questions as well, referring to a handout containing information about pay for apprentices.

Mr. Lawrence talked about the dollar value of an apprenticeship versus the dollar value of a college degree. He said the program has a 72 percent graduation rate. He explained the job placement services of his program. Mr. Mitchell responded to a committee question about the number of available apprenticeships and the number of applicants.

07:50 AM

Dan Hendricks, Training Coordinator for the Denver Joint Electrical Apprenticeship and Training Committee, talked about the certifications and state licenses offered by the apprenticeship programs. He talked about the importance of education and training, and the education, training, and career path offered by his program. Mr. Hendricks responded to a committee question about how federal stimulus moneys might impact the trades. He explained that his program offers training related to renewable energy trades.

Mr. Lawrence responded to a committee question about how his programs participate in career nights at local high schools. He described his work with high schools and with parents. He explained that they take applications for their programs year round.

07:57 AM

Mr. Lawrence responded to a question about the current enrollment bill currently being considered by the General Assembly (House Bill 09-1319).

Mr. Hendricks responded to a committee question about the number of female apprentices in his program. He talked about the different avenues available to apprentices. Mr. Lawrence responded to this question as well.