Date: 08/21/2009

Updates (continued)


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10:21 AM -- Updates (continued)

Committee updates continued with the following:

Fundraising for Presidential Portraits. Ms. Thomsen provided an update on fundraising for presidential portraits in Representative Weissmann's absence. She said Representative Weissmann is confident he can raise the money soon and should have more news in the next few weeks. It was also noted that the Colorado Council on the Arts has been given permission to develop a request for proposals (RFP) for the portraits.

10:22 AM

Dome Renovations. Ms. Contiguglia reported that Colorado Preservation, Inc., will work to raise money for dome renovation, and explained that the CDC has given its approval to this effort. She clarified the role of the CBAC and the CDC in the fundraising.

Enos Mills Sculpture. Ms. Contiguglia said that the artist of the Enos Mills sculpture, Ms. Bonnie Fulford, has been notified that the acceptance of the sculpture has been put on hold, though Ms. Fulford is welcome to come back to the CBAC when the money for the sculpture and its installation has been raised.