Date: 07/09/2009

The Option to Die in Peace


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03:05 PM -- The Option to Die in PEACE (Patient Ethical Alternative Care Elective)

Bart Windrum, author of Notes from the Waiting Room, introduced himself and provided a handout to the committee (Attachment G). Mr. Windrum described his personal experience with end of life decisions that he had to make regarding his mother and father. Mr. Windrum stated that the outcome of both his parents' deaths in the hospital have led him to suggest a paradigm shift regarding death and hospice care. He stated that he would like to see a new clinical evaluation that somehow identifies when an individual begins to die and at that point, the individual would become eligible for hospice. He stated that this shift would give patients and families more time to have important conversations around death and to make the necessary decisions regarding end of life directives. Members asked questions to Mr. Windrum.