Date: 09/16/2009

Public Private Partnerships


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01:33 PM -- Public-Private Partnerships

The committee returned to order. Mr. Herb Lindsay, Managing Director, UFI Services, Inc., said that his company is involved with the development of state user fees and presented a proposal for a statewide user fee system as a public-private partnership with the state of Colorado. He said that his company operates nationally and internationally. He noted that, under his company's user fee proposal, fees would be imposed at a rate of 1 cent to 3 cents per mile. He spoke of the governmental entities with which his company works and commented on electronic vehicle registration. He described electronic bar codes that may be placed on license plates. He commented on the collection of fees by "pay-as-you-go" electronic vehicle readers. He said his fee collection system allows for the reduction of fuel taxes in the states, and requires those who are using the roads to pay for their maintenance. He commented on the potential for congestion pricing under his proposal and said that this user fee technology will eventually be in use in every state. He said that the his proposal presents no financial risk to Colorado and that tourists would not be charged the fees if such a program were implemented. He said that he is not proposing a change to the means by which fuel tax revenues are currently distributed in Colorado. He commented on the security of his proposed user fee system.

01:58 PM

Ralph Christie, Chief Executive Officer, Merrick Inc., said that he sees opportunities with the user fee technology. He said that the privacy issue will be addressed as the proposal progresses and that the technology is feasible. He said that the proposal contemplates that a highway use authority would determine which roads on the state would be subject to application of the fees.

02:05 PM

Mr. Lindsay said that the E-470 Public Highway Authority is currently using active RFIDs on their toll road. He noted that his proposal is to use passive RFIDs. He commented on the law enforcement advantages of such a system and said that such a system could generate approximately $1.8 billion annually.

02:28 PM

The committee recessed.