Date: 07/27/2009

Public Comment


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04:10 PM -- Public Comment

Representative Middleton provided closing remarks prior to the public comment, noting that count day will be incorporated into the next agenda. Senator Bacon asked the discussion include a review of what it means to be a member in regards to average daily membership.

04:15 PM --
Lisa Mieritz, representing herself, shared that Colorado Springs School District 11 engages in more site-based funding than the district originally realized and recommended surveying how much site based funding school districts are already doing. She presented concerns about the cost effectiveness of charter schools.

04:20 PM --
Annette Fante, representing Douglas County Schools, shared her appreciation for the committee looking at the at-risk definition, and specifically discussed the consolidation of special interest funding into a single funding stream to allow the school district the flexibility to put money where it is most needed.

04:23 PM

The committee adjourned.