Date: 08/21/2009

Replacment of Capitol Cafe Tables and Chairs


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09:53 AM -- Replacement of Capitol Cafe Tables and Chairs

Mr. Joel Pavelis, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Business Enterprise Program, and Ms. Elizabeth Steinhilber, Boulder Associates, came to the table to speak to the committee about the tables and chairs in the Capitol Cafe. Mr. Pavelis provided information about the Business Enterprise Program, which runs the Capitol Cafe. He explained that the program received federal "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (ARRA) funds, and would like to expend moneys on new furniture for the Capitol Cafe. He provided a number of designs for the committee to consider (Attachment D). Ms. Steinhilber responded to committee questions and walked through the proposed design with the committee. She said the proposal includes reupholstering and refinishing the existing booths to match the proposed new furniture.

Attachment D.pdf

Mr. Ed Nichols asked if the seating capacity would change if the proposed lounge furniture was used. Ms. Steinhilber responded that some seating capacity would be lost under the proposed plan. The committee discussed the demand for seating in the area. Mr. Pavelis weighed in on this conversation as well, suggesting that additional chairs might be added on the east wall. The committee discussed how the area is used as work and meeting space.

The committee discussed the fabric choices and the maintenance of the area. Mr. Pavelis noted that the Business Enterprise Program does some maintenance work in the area. The committee discussed further the proposed use of lounge pieces, suggesting that tables and chairs, rather than lounge pieces, are the best use of the space. Mr. Nichols also talked about the need to keep the east wall clear for access purposes.

Ms. Contiguglia asked Mr. Pavelis and Ms. Steinhilber to return to the committee with additional, more traditionally styled, furniture choices.

10:18 AM

Mr. Pavelis talked about the options for trash receptacles. The committee discussed the color options for the receptacles.