Time:07:38 AM to 08:39 AM
Place:HCR 0112
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Senator Bacon
King K.
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Colorado Community College System
Colorado Association of Career Colleges

07:38 AM -- Colorado Community College System

Dr. Geri Anderson, Associate Vice President and Provost, Colorado Community College System (CCCS); Scott Stump, Dean of Career and Technical Education; and Tim Taylor, President, Colorado Succeeds, came to the table. The presenters provided a packet of information, including a handout of their PowerPoint slides. The PowerPoint slides are contained in Attachment A.


Dr. Anderson began the presentation by talking about Colorado's 21st Century career and technical education (CTE) programs, saying the programs have evolved beyond the vocational education of the past. She explained that the programs seek to provide relevant and rigorous learning, raise achievement among all students, and strengthen Colorado's workforce and economy. She provided a number of statistics about CTE secondary programs and the number of students enrolled in such programs.

07:43 AM

Mr. Stump spoke next, talking about the importance of CTE. He stated that 85 percent of emerging occupations are expected to require postsecondary education, with 60 percent requiring a 2-year degree or certificate, but not a 4-year degree. He talked about the CTE plan of study, which puts together the most meaningful package for high school students interested in pursuing a particular career. He described a plan of study in some detail.

Representative Merrifield expressed concern about the plan of study, saying he is concerned that there is not time for students to pursue arts or other areas of passion. Mr. Stump responded, noting that the path he is discussing is one of many. He said the path is student-based, and is meant to make high school meaningful and relevant to each student. Discussion on the issue of allowing room for choices for students between Representative Merrifield and Mr. Stump ensued.

07:53 AM

Mr. Stump continued his presentation, talking about students who do not have good guidance at home, saying the paths provide help particularly to students like them. He talked about CTE as a natural fit with high-tech industry in the state and as a recession survival strategy. Mr. Stump described the challenges facing the state, saying that more students need to be on a path to succeed.

07:56 AM

Mr. Taylor talked about Colorado Succeeds and its membership, priorities, and goals. He said realigning the education system to prepare students for postsecondary education and workforce success has many benefits. He talked about the successes of students who are enrolled in CTE high schools, and said CTE programs prepare students to succeed.

08:01 AM

The presenters responded to committee questions and comments.

08:18 AM

Dr. Anderson said the CCCS is working on messaging. She thanked the committee members for their support. Committee members made further comments on the presentation.

08:22 AM -- Colorado Association of Career Colleges

Steve Durham, Executive Director of the Colorado Association of Career Colleges, introduced himself and talked about career colleges in the state. He explained that most students in the career colleges tend to be nontraditional students. He discussed accreditation standards that must be met by the colleges, saying there is a measurable result that must be reached. Mr. Durham talked about the types of careers the colleges train students to pursue, and said they serve about 30,000 students statewide.

08:26 AM

Lynn Haner, representing the Art Institute of Colorado, introduced herself and described the Art Institute. She talked about the Art Institute's student body, and its faculty and facilities. Ms. Haner talked about the success of the career placement services at the Art Institute. She said there has been about a 10 percent increase in enrollment recently.

08:31 AM

The presenters responded to committee questions and comments.

08:39 AM

The committee adjourned.