Time:09:29 AM to 10:38 AM
Place:SCR 354
This Meeting was called to order by
Georgianna Contiguglia
This Report was prepared by
Jennifer Thomsen
X = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent, * = Present after roll call
Bills Addressed: Action Taken:
Call to Order
Replacment of Capitol Cafe Tables and Chairs
Approval of Minutes
Updates (continued)
Parking on the Pavers in the Capitol Circle
Future Meeting Dates
Other Business

09:29 AM -- Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by the chair, Ms. Georgianna Contiguglia. She introduced Mr. Richard Lee, who will be taking Mr. Frank Lombardi's seat on the committee.

09:33 AM -- Updates

The committee heard updates on the following items:

Solar Panel Display. Mr. Lance Shepherd, Office of the State Architect, came to the table to provide an update on the solar panel display monitor for Mr. Brown's Attic. He provided a handout containing the final version of the slides that will be displayed on the monitor (Attachment A) and explained that the display would be installed in two to three weeks. The committee reviewed the slides, and Mr. Shepherd responded to committee questions and comments.

Attachment A.pdf

The committee gave permission for the installation of the display as presented.

09:39 AM

Armenian Garden. Mr. Lee reported that he, Mr. Lombardi, and Mr. Jim Davis met with Ms. Vi Cooper of Armenians of Colorado in July about the proposed plans for the garden. Mr. Lee further explained that the garden may be impacted by upcoming digging for the proposed ground source heat pump. He talked about the preliminary design for the garden (see Attachment B) and responded to committee questions. He said that the Armenian community is concerned about maintenance of the proposed garden and the possibility that it would be torn up again in the future. Ms. Contiguglia reminded the committee that once there is an agreement on the design of the garden and the timing of its installation, it would need to come back to the committee for review. Committee discussion on the garden, the proposed heat source pump, and the trees in the area ensued.

Attachment B.pdf

09:44 AM

Endangered Places Nomination. Ms. Contiguglia reminded the committee that at its last meeting, Mr. James Hare, Executive Director of Colorado Preservation, Inc., had proposed that the Capitol Dome be nominated for designation as one of Colorado's most endangered places. She said the nomination was presented to, and approved by, the Capital Development Committee. A copy of the final nomination form is contained in Attachment C. Ms. Contiguglia provided information about the selection process, explaining that the dome would compete with other nominations, and that the places to be designated as "Colorado's Most Endangered" would be announced in early February.

Attachment C.pdf

09:47 AM

Memorials and Art In and Around the State Capitol Publication.Ms. Jennifer Thomsen, Legislative Council Staff, reported that she and Ms. Kori Donaldson were in the process of comparing the art and memorials listed in the publication with what currently resides in the building. She noted that Mr. David Hite would be consulted on any discrepancies found. Ms. Contiguglia explained that she had contacted the Art Institute of Colorado to find out if a student intern might be interested in taking photos for archival purposes, but that no one had called to express interest to date. The committee discussed the publication, with Ms. Thomsen responding to questions about the format of the publication.

09:53 AM -- Replacement of Capitol Cafe Tables and Chairs

Mr. Joel Pavelis, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Business Enterprise Program, and Ms. Elizabeth Steinhilber, Boulder Associates, came to the table to speak to the committee about the tables and chairs in the Capitol Cafe. Mr. Pavelis provided information about the Business Enterprise Program, which runs the Capitol Cafe. He explained that the program received federal "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act" (ARRA) funds, and would like to expend moneys on new furniture for the Capitol Cafe. He provided a number of designs for the committee to consider (Attachment D). Ms. Steinhilber responded to committee questions and walked through the proposed design with the committee. She said the proposal includes reupholstering and refinishing the existing booths to match the proposed new furniture.

Attachment D.pdf

Mr. Ed Nichols asked if the seating capacity would change if the proposed lounge furniture was used. Ms. Steinhilber responded that some seating capacity would be lost under the proposed plan. The committee discussed the demand for seating in the area. Mr. Pavelis weighed in on this conversation as well, suggesting that additional chairs might be added on the east wall. The committee discussed how the area is used as work and meeting space.

The committee discussed the fabric choices and the maintenance of the area. Mr. Pavelis noted that the Business Enterprise Program does some maintenance work in the area. The committee discussed further the proposed use of lounge pieces, suggesting that tables and chairs, rather than lounge pieces, are the best use of the space. Mr. Nichols also talked about the need to keep the east wall clear for access purposes.

Ms. Contiguglia asked Mr. Pavelis and Ms. Steinhilber to return to the committee with additional, more traditionally styled, furniture choices.

10:18 AM

Mr. Pavelis talked about the options for trash receptacles. The committee discussed the color options for the receptacles.

10:20 AM -- Approval of Minutes

A quorum was not present, but those in attendance approved the minutes.

10:21 AM -- Updates (continued)

Committee updates continued with the following:

Fundraising for Presidential Portraits. Ms. Thomsen provided an update on fundraising for presidential portraits in Representative Weissmann's absence. She said Representative Weissmann is confident he can raise the money soon and should have more news in the next few weeks. It was also noted that the Colorado Council on the Arts has been given permission to develop a request for proposals (RFP) for the portraits.

10:22 AM

Dome Renovations. Ms. Contiguglia reported that Colorado Preservation, Inc., will work to raise money for dome renovation, and explained that the CDC has given its approval to this effort. She clarified the role of the CBAC and the CDC in the fundraising.

Enos Mills Sculpture. Ms. Contiguglia said that the artist of the Enos Mills sculpture, Ms. Bonnie Fulford, has been notified that the acceptance of the sculpture has been put on hold, though Ms. Fulford is welcome to come back to the CBAC when the money for the sculpture and its installation has been raised.

10:23 AM -- Parking on the Pavers in the Capitol Circle

Ms. Contiguglia noted that issues have arisen with vehicles parking in the area at the foot of the steps on the west side of the Capitol circle and causing damage to the pavers and the bollards. She discussed options for solving the problem. Ms. Contiguglia suggested that language be added to the "Request for Use of State Capitol Complex Facilities" to address parking. Committee conversation ensued, with discussion about where large vehicles could be accommodated. The committee asked to hear from State Patrol and Norm Brisson in the Governor's Office on this issue at the next meeting. Mr. Lee noted that there is money available for repairs to stonework around the Capitol, and said he would be meeting with Mr. Shepherd next week to identify projects.

10:34 AM -- Future Meeting Dates

The committee is scheduled to meet on the following dates at 9:30 a.m.:

10:35 AM -- Other Business

Ms. Marilyn Eddins brought up damage to the rose onyx in various places in the building, and the need for repairs. She also noted damage to glass near the Old Supreme Court Chambers.

10:38 AM

The committee adjourned.

Action Items