Date: 10/21/2009

Presentation on School Bus Retrofits


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08:44 AM -- Presentation on School Bus Retrofits

Representative McNulty called the meeting to order. Ms. Martha Rudolph, Director of Environmental Programs, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), discussed the diesel emissions retrofit program. Mr. Paul Tourangeau, Director, Air Pollution Control Division, CDPHE, provided handouts to the committee (Attachment A). Representative McNulty stated that the committee will recess momentarily for a presentation outside the Capitol building to examine a school bus that has been retrofitted. Mr. Tourangeau discussed program funding and initiatives. He further discussed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiatives and programs to reduce diesel emissions. He stated that children are particularly susceptible to diesel exhaust.


08:53 AM

Mr. Tourangeau discussed the retrofit process followed by CDPHE. CDPHE partners with school districts to accomplish program objectives and to ensure that all equipment operates properly. Representative Fischer asked Mr. Tourangeau to explain what a retrofit consists of. Representative Vaad asked Mr. Tourangeau if the program was limited to certain vehicle types.

08:59 AM

Senator Renfroe asked Mr. Tourangeau how school buses are chosen for inclusion in the program. Representative Frangas asked about new job growth generated by the program.

09:06 AM

Representative King asked what percentage of retrofitted buses are on the Western Slope of the state. Mr. Tourangeau responded that approximately 100 buses are being retrofitted in this area. Senator Williams asked about costs of retrofits for school districts that participate in the program. Senator Williams also asked Mr. Tourangeau to comment on other states' programs and initiatives to reduce diesel exhaust.

09:13 AM

The committee recessed.

09:33 AM

The committee returned to order. Mr. Tourangeau provided a final summary on the retrofit program. Senator Williams asked about fuel usage during idling.

09:37 AM

The committee recessed.