Date: 08/18/2009

Leg Council Presentation


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09:09 AM -- Legislative Council Staff Presentation on Department Surveys

Mr. Bo Pogue, Legislative Council Staff, described the memorandum summarizing state programs that serve to alleviate poverty or provide economic opportunity for low-income Coloradans (a copy is on file with Legislative Council Staff). The memorandum and copies of the department surveys were distributed to the members of the task force. Mr. Pogue discussed the survey and the organization of the memorandum, and indicated how programs were selected for inclusion. He thanked the departments for their help compiling the memorandum. Mr. Pogue responded to questions from Senator Sandoval regarding the tables in the memorandum. Representative Kefalas asked for information on the rate of response from departments and on follow-up steps taken by Legislative Council Staff. Discussion continued regarding the Governor's Office of Economic Development and International Trade.