Date: 12/03/2009

Colorado Community College System


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Approve the Colorado Community College System's TwPASS

09:34 AM -- Colorado Community College System Overview

The committee was called to order. A quorum was present. Dr. Nancy McCallin, President, and Mr. Cliff Richardson, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Colorado Community College System, provided an overview of capital need for the community college system. Dr. McCallin provided the committee with an update on previously approved projects and noted that three colleges in the system are currently constructing facilities. She stated that the need for new projects in the system is driven by enrollment growth on the campuses. For example, she indicated that the system has seen a 20 percent growth in enrollment in the past year. Dr. McCallin stated that the community college system has submitted six state-funded and five cash-funded FY 2010-11 capital project requests. Committee members received the system's Two-Year Projection of Cash Need, prepared by Legislative Council Staff (Attachment A). Dr. McCallin closed by discussing the controlled maintenance needs of the various colleges in the system.


09:41 AM -- Arapahoe Community College

Dr. Linda Bowman, President, and Mr. David Shellberg, Executive Vice President, Arapahoe Community College, spoke about the college's capital needs, including a two-year cash list. Dr. Bowman explained that the campus has a cafeteria that does not function in a way that is beneficial for the college and presented a cash request for the Food Court, Student Lounge, and Multi-Use Facility project (listed in Attachment A). She explained that the project will reconfigure the space to be used for multiple purposes.

09:46 AM

Dr. Bowman addressed questions about student enrollment and existing student fees. She indicated that student fees may change based on student and capital needs on campus. Dr. McCallin noted that the fee levels at community colleges are relatively low, but they may need to be raised to generate revenue for capital projects. Dr. McCallin also discussed tuition increases.

09:51 AM -- Colorado Northwestern Community College

Dr. John Boyd, President, Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC), presented two FY 2010-11 cash-funded requests, including: (1) Rangely Wellness Center, Phase I; and (2) Rector Science Building Renovations. (Both projects are detailed in Attachment A.) Dr. Boyd also discussed a project currently underway that was funded with Federal Mineral Lease revenues. He related to the committee that the CNCC capital campaign is going well and that the college has almost reached its fundraising goal.

09:56 AM -- Front Range Community College

Mr. Andy Dorsey, President, Front Range Community College (FRCC), discussed the college's capital needs and presented a FY 2010-11 request for the Student Services / Math Renovation project. He updated the committee about a capital project that is currently underway and discussed the FY 2010-11 state-funded request. Mr. Dorsey stated that FRCC is looking for creative solutions to fund the project since state dollars are scarce. He also discussed a controlled maintenance request for an external electrical system.

10:02 AM

Discussion ensued about the Student Services / Math Renovation project. In response to a question about partnering with local high schools to offer classes, Dr. McCallin noted that the community colleges have seen an increase in their dual credit programs. Mr. Richardson also spoke about efforts to develop more concurrent enrollment and fifth-year programs. Discussion ensued.

10:10 AM -- Northeastern Junior College

Dr. Lance Bolton, President, Northeastern Junior College (NJC), discussed the college's capital needs, including a FY 2010-11 request from state funds for the E.S. French Renovation project, and a cash-funded request (listed in Attachment A) for a New Residence Hall. Dr. Bolton explained that the population demographics of the region have changed and in order to maximize the use of the academic facilities on the campus, NJC needs to be able to house more students on campus. He stated that the college has the largest residential population of any of the community colleges. He also stated that a local donor has provided $2 million towards the construction of a new residence hall and that the college plans to bond for the remainder of the project. Dr. Bolton continued to present the state- and cash-funded requests. In response to a question, Dr. Bolton explained that the college plans to use the Higher Education Revenue Bond Intercept Program for the New Residence Hall project.

10:17 AM -- Otero Junior College

Mr. Gary Ashida, Vice President of Administrative Services, Otero Junior College (OJC), discussed the college's capital needs and presented a FY 2010-11 request for the Nursing / Science Improvements project. He stated that enrollment in OJC's nursing program has grown by 88 percent in the last five years. He also explained the college's dual credit program and stated that the college has agreements with all eight area school districts. Discussion ensued about enrollment in various programs. In response to a question, Mr. Ashida indicated that most of OJC's enrollment is local, but that approximately 20 percent of its students may be from the Denver metro area. Discussion turned to nursing programs and waiting lists at various higher education institutions.

10:24 AM -- Pikes Peak Community College

Dr. Tony Kinkel, President, and Mr. Michael Young, Vice President of Administrative Services, Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC), presented a cash-funded request for the Science Laboratories Renovation, Centennial Campus project (see Attachment A). Dr. Kinkel explained that the project will allow the college to meet national science standards. He also discussed partnerships that the college has entered into with the Classical Academy. Dr. Kinkel noted that PPCC has been reaching out to home-schooled children as well.

10:31 AM -- Pueblo Community College

Dr. J.D. Garvin, President, Pueblo Community College, discussed the college's capital needs and presented a FY 2010-11 request for the Academic Building -- Learning Center Renovation project. He described the college's service area and explained that many students come to community college after years of not being in school, and that these students need to learn how to learn. He said the learning center project will accommodate remedial instruction and aid with retention. Dr. Garvin also described a controlled maintenance request for the San Juan campus. He then discussed the college's dual enrollment program and addressed questions about controlled maintenance needs on the San Juan campus.

10:41 AM -- Red Rocks Community College

Dr. Michele Haney, President, and Ms. Peggy Morgan, Vice President for Administrative Services, Red Rocks Community College (RRCC), discussed the college's capital needs and presented a FY 2010-11 request for the Construction and Industry Trades Center Addition and Remodel project. Dr. Haney stated that Colorado is in need of skilled technicians, and it is necessary to build an addition and renovate the construction trades building in order to bring it up to code and offer quality instruction. She explained that the college's construction trades and energy programs are growing, and that the energy programs are becoming a focus for the college. Dr. Haney said that RRCC also has the largest fine woodworking program in the western United States and the college is anticipating a 30 percent growth in enrollment for these programs.

10:48 AM

Ms. Morgan discussed future capital needs for the campus, including a library renovation, a technology system upgrade, and a phone system upgrade.

10:49 AM -- Trinidad State Junior College

Ms. Laurie Weber, Budget Director, Trinidad State Junior College, presented a FY 2010-11 request for the Alamosa Campus Expansion project. She explained that the project will expand the main academic building on the Valley Campus, which is located in Alamosa and serves five counties. Ms. Weber said the building was originally constructed as an elementary school and was remodeled in 1998. However, enrollment at the campus is growing and the college has had to lease space in the surrounding community. According to Ms. Weber, the use of multiple sites impedes the collegiate experience for students and makes it difficult to schedule classes. Ms. Weber addressed a question about leasing classroom space off campus.

10:56 AM

Dr. Haney, former President of Morgan Community College (MCC), returned to the table to address a question about the phone system at MCC and indicated that the system has been fixed.
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TIME: 10:57:53 AM
MOTION:Approve the Colorado Community College System's Two-Year Projection of Cash Need (see Attachment A). The motion passed on a vote of 4-0-2.