Date: 10/21/2009

Presentation on SH-93 Congestion Reduction


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11:43 AM -- Presentation on SH-93 Congestion Reduction

Commissioner Will Toor, Boulder County Commission, Mayor Matthew Applebaum, City of Boulder, and Mayor Jacob Smith, City of Golden, presented to the committee on State Highway 93 (SH-93). A handout was provided to committee members (Attachments F and G). Commissioner Toor and Mayor Applebaum discussed the importance of SH-93 as an economic corridor. SH-93 is pivotal as an entry point to numerous recreational attractions for residents and tourists. Mayor Smith discussed design parameters to correct SH-93 congestion problems. Several key intersections create significant congestion and safety issues.

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11:53 AM

Mayor Smith discussed several improvements to achieving congestion reduction along the SH-93 corridor. Commissioner Toor discussed financing. The City of Golden and City of Boulder have conducted preliminary design work. Representative Frangas asked Mayor Applebaum to comment on alternatives and costs.

12:03 PM

Representative Vaad asked Commissioner Toor if any part of the SH-93 plan is integrated with the Denver Council of Regional Governments (DRCOG) transportation plan. Representative Primavera asked if there is regional support from other mayors for the SH-93 congestion reduction plan. Representative Tyler discussed public opposition to the Northwest Parkway. Mayor Smith discussed potential economic development benefits from SH-93. Commissioner Toor discussed integration with long-range transportation planning.

12:12 PM

Senator Gibbs asked Commissioner Toor about his past efforts to improve U.S. Highway 36. Commissioner Toor discussed the importance of a coalition of communities in supporting U.S. Highway 36 improvements. Similar outreach is underway to support SH-93 improvements. Representative Vaad discussed devolving state highways, such as SH-93, to the regional municipalities.