Time:09:35 AM to 10:34 AM
Place:SCR 354
This Meeting was called to order by
Representative Contiguglia
This Report was prepared by
Kori Donaldson
X = Present, E = Excused, A = Absent, * = Present after roll call
Bills Addressed: Action Taken:
Replacement of the Capitol Cafe Tables and Chairs
Tour Desk Sales and End of the Year Fund Balance
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only

09:35 AM -- Replacement of the Capitol Cafe Tables and Chairs

The committee was called to order. A quorum was not present. Mr. Thomas Wuertz attended on behalf of John Rogers, and joined the committee at the table. Mr. Joel Pavelis, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Business Enterprise Program, and Ms. Elizabeth Steinhilber, Boulder Associates, presented a revised layout and fabric scheme for the replacement of the furniture in the State Capitol Cafe. The Chair summarized the presentation made by Mr. Pavelis and Ms. Steinhilber at the committee's August 21, 2009, meeting. Committee members received a packet of information including preliminary furniture specifications for the Capitol Cafe (Attachment A) and a schematic of the proposed layout of the tables and chairs in the refurbished Capitol Cafe (Attachment B). Ms. Steinhilber reviewed changes to the plans after incorporating feedback received at the committee's August meeting. Mr. Pavelis responded to a question about the source of funds for the project, and explained that federal moneys through American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) have been made available to his division for the project. Ms. Steinhilber addressed questions about the durability of the different fabrics and about the difference in cost between chairs with and without arms. Discussion ensued about the cost for different types of chairs. Ms. Steinhilber recommended only using armchairs in select locations to avoid overcrowding. Discussion returned to source of funds and total budget for the project.

Attachment A.pdf Attachment B.pdf

09:45 AM

Discussion continued about the project's budget. The committee considered two fabric schemes, Fabric Scheme A and Fabric Scheme B, which can be viewed in Attachment A. Discussion returned to the project's funding source and budget. In response to a question, Mr. Pavelis and Ms. Steinhilber told the committee that the wood on the existing booths will be stained to match the new furniture. Mr. Pavelis explained that if the Capitol Cafe project does not move forward, the moneys are still available for use by the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Business Enterprise Program.

09:53 AM

Since there was not a quorum present, the committee took an informal vote on the two fabric schemes and selected Fabric Scheme A. The committee then considered the three different chair selections and considered the merit of armchairs versus cafe chairs. The committee took another informal vote and selected the wood cafe chair with arm option from Attachment A. The committee suggested keeping the number of armchairs at a minimum and asked Mr. Pavelis and Ms. Steinhilber to use only wood cafe chairs if they determine that the Capitol Cafe will be overcrowded if armchairs are included in the layout.

09:59 AM

The committee told Mr. Pavelis and Ms. Steinhilber to decide which trash receptacles will be the best fit in the refurbished Capitol Cafe. Mr. Pavelis asked the committee if they wanted a sign posted at the completion of the project to advertise that the project was funded with federal stimulus dollars. Discussion ensued. Mr. Pavelis and Ms. Steinhilber will attend the committee's October 16, 2009, meeting to answer additional questions before the committee formally votes on the proposal.

10:02 AM -- Tour Desk Sales and End of the Year Fund Balance

Ms. Betsy Holdredge, Legislative Council Staff, described the function of the Project Gold Fund and presented a summary of the fund's year-end balance. Committee members received a FY 2008-09 fund balance summary, including expenses and expenditures, prepared by Legislative Council Staff (Attachment C). Ms. Holdredge responded to questions about the number and types of items sold to date, and the total sales since the fund was established. Ms. Holdredge also answered questions about the need to replenish some items for sale at the tourist desk.

Attachment C.pdf

10:08 AM

Mr. Simon Maghakyan, Visitor Services, presented a book that he would like to sell on consignment at the tour desk: The Colorado State Capitol: History, Politics, Preservation by Derek R. Everett. Mr. Maghakyan briefly summarized the book and said that the author has volunteered as a tour guide at the State Capitol. He explained that the book will sell for $32.00, and Visitor Services will earn $12.00 per sale. Mr. Nichols noted that the bookstore at the Colorado History Museum will be closing soon. The committee discussed the possibility of the Capitol Visitor Services using leftover stock from museum store.

10:12 AM -- Updates

Damage to pavers. Committee members received a copy of a letter addressed to the Department of Personnel and Administration, recommending a rules change concerning parking on the pavers on the west side of circle lot outside the State Capitol Building, prepared by Legislative Council Staff (Attachment D). Mr. Lance Shepherd, Office of the State Architect, came to the table to answer questions about damage to the pavers. In response to a question, he explained that the pavers are not rated (according to weight) for bus or truck parking. Ms. Nunnally suggested requiring large vehicles to park on the east side of the building. The committee then discussed the possibility of limiting parking on the pavers based on the weight of a vehicle. Mr. Shepherd told the committee that personnel from the Capitol Complex are responsible for the maintenance of the parking lot, but that there is no money in the budget to make repairs. Mr. Shepherd then suggested requiring a damage deposit as part of the permitting process to meet on the State Capitol grounds. Mr. Nichols advocated a rules change limiting parking on the pavers. Discussion continued about requiring a damage deposit. Ms. Debbie Haskins, Office of Legislative Legal Services, responded to a question about the rule-making process.

Attachment D.pdf

10:25 AM

Most endangered places nomination. The Chair told the committee that the application for the State Capitol Dome to be included on the 2010 Most Endangered Places List is currently under review, and that a decision will be made soon. She then provided an update about fund-raising efforts on behalf of the State Capitol Dome and the purchase and placement of a statue of Enos Mills on State Capitol grounds. Mr. Nichols told the committee that he attended the most recent Colorado Historical Foundation meeting and that the foundation agreed to accept donations on behalf of the placement and purchase of the Enos Mills statue. Discussion ensued about acceptance of the Enos Mills statue and the repairs needed to the State Capitol Dome.

10:34 AM

The committee adjourned.