Date: 04/08/2009

Presentation from Independent Higher Education


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08:04 AM -- Presentation from Independent Higher Education

Toni Larson, Executive Director of Independent Higher Education of Colorado (IHEC), and Sara Odendahl and Edie Busam from Aponte & Busam came to the table. Dr. Larson provided a packet of handouts (Attachment B). Dr. Larson talked about IHEC, saying it is a nonprofit organization representing Colorado's independent colleges and universities. She said the three schools represented by IHEC are Colorado College, Regis University, and the University of Denver.


Dr. Larson explained that about 28,500 students attend the three institutions and about half are in-state students. She talked about outreach to minority students and about four-year graduation rates. She explained that about one-half of students get some financial aid. She described the example of Colorado College, talking about financial aid that is provided to students and their loan burden at the end of four years.

08:12 AM

Dr. Larson described the number of students at each institution who are Pell grant-eligible, and compared the number to the number of Pell grant-eligible students at some state institutions. She talked about student financial aid, discussing the reduction in aid going to independent institutions.

Dr. Larson talked about community involvement and about the ways the institutions are working to get more funds into financial aid.

08:15 AM

Dr. Larson talked about teacher preparation programs at the independent institutions. She said the University of Denver has taken on a specialty in P-20 education. She discussed a program for math educators at Regis, talking about community college partnerships. She described the on-line program at Regis and the diverse student population it serves.

08:20 AM

Dr. Larson talked about how the independent institutions contribute to the community. She asked for continued support for financial aid. She talked about the need for a review of teacher preparation programs, saying the independent institutions work with the public institutions.